Sports Medicine, Health and Wellbeing

Key facts

  • Module codeSPSU9SM
  • Start date 26 Sep 2022
  • Duration12 weeks
  • Credit value SCQF 20
  • SCQF level Level 9
  • Fees Home: £303 Rest of UK: £1,542 Overseas: £2,983
  • Study mode Full-time


Applications for academic year 2022/23 will open March 2022.

In this module, students will explore the influence and impact of diet and exercise on health, well-being and the prevention of some diseases and the relevance of sports nutrition in athletic performance. The lecturers on the module include an expert on exercise physiology and muscle biology and a sports dietitian with experience working with professional athletes and industry.

Days on campus

Every week there will be a two-hour session (not mandatory) plus two seminars and two practical skills labs (mandatory).

  • Seminar 1 - Week 3 - W/C 27.09.21
  • Seminar 2 - Week 7 - W/C 01.11.21
  • Practical Skills Lab 1 - Week 4 - W/C 04.10.21
  • Practical Skills Lab 2 - Week 9 - W/C 09.11.21

For the mandatory sessions, students will choose the day of their preference on those weeks: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.


On completion of this module students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the relationship between nutrition, physical activity, and health and be able to advise the general population on healthy food/activity choices.
  • Describe the methods and analysis available for assessing energy intake, energy expenditure and body composition.
  • Demonstrate a variety of skills and techniques that are specialised to measure body composition.
  • Interpret and critically evaluate the data from different methods of assessing energy intake and output.
  • Present an analysis of nutrition/activity datasets through a scientific report.

Delivery and assessment

The lectures will be delivered online. Practical skill lab sessions and seminars will be face to face. The module will be assessed through coursework (1 summative, 1 formative) and final exam (essay type questions - summative).

Module coordinator

Dr Nidia Rodriguez-Sanchez

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