Pay FAQ's

Pay FAQ's

On the links below you will find answers to the most common questions. If these do not answer your query or you would prefer to speak with someone in the team please contact the team by e-mail or on 01786 467138.

I have not been paid my overtime this month what should I do?

Contact your line manager or Faculty/Service administrator in the first instance to confirm that your overtime details have been submitted before the deadline.

What is the PAYE reference number?

Our PAYE reference number is 961/9329319, you may require this if in contact with HMRC, eg. claiming tax credits.

How do I get a National Insurance Number (NI Number)?

Please contact the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Contact details can be found below.

You must have the right to work or study in the UK to get a National Insurance number.  On receipt of your national insurance number please forward it to Payroll.

What statutory deductions could be taken from my pay?

Statutory Deductions include Tax and National Insurance.


Income Tax is a tax you pay on your income, further information is available here.

Tax code

Your tax code is normally expressed as a letter, number, letter (e.g. S1100L) and this determines your tax free allowances.  More information can be found here.

Students and Tax

If you have a job when you’re a student you may need to pay Income Tax and National Insurance, further information can be found here.

National Insurance

You pay National Insurance contributions to qualify for certain benefits including the State Pension. The type and level of NIC you pay depends on how much you earn and whether you're employed or self employed. Further information can be found here.