Alumni mentoring case study

Stephen Bewsher
BSc Environmental Geography.

Matched with Emma Polak, National Management Trainee
for Cheshire West and Cheshire Council.

1. What did you gain from participating in the FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme?

Through the FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme I have gained an invaluable insight into the possible options available to me with my degree. Through being partnered with a previous student from the University Stirling I have been able to learn so much more about life after University. This therefore has helped advance my confidence, motivation and drive with my studies as I am able to see the clear direction I hope to take and achieve.

2. What kind of advice did you ask of your mentor and how did your mentor help?

I was always asking my mentor for advice and continue to keep contact today. From help on time management with my studies. To support with improving my CV and application forms. To any tips or ideas with the direction I should be heading with my studies. My mentor was effective in responding to my queries about future career options and advice with my studies. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to visit my mentor's place of work, learn about the Graduate Scheme available and network with main key stakeholders in my mentor's organisation. As well as that I also was able to meet and network with the managing director of one of the UK's Top 5 Environmental Consultancies.

3. Do you feel that your employability and/or skills have improved as a result of the FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme?

Absolutely! I feel in particular, my network skills and own personal development has improved thanks to the connections and contacts I have been able to make through the FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme.

4. Has the Scheme helped with planning your future career?

Yes very much so. From this I am now currently working on my own dissertation proposal in an attempt to help improve my future graduate prospects after graduation. The FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme has significantly helped shape my direction thanks to the mentor I was matched with.

5. What advice would you give to those who are thinking about participating in the Mentoring Scheme in the future?

Just don't hesitate, and apply! This for me has genuinely been an invaluable opportunity. If you want help to understand your career aims, network and improve understanding what you want to do after the University of Stirling. Then the FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme is 100% worth partaking in.

6. Any other comments?

Thank you FNS Alumni Mentoring Scheme I sincerely hope students can continue to use this!