Working with students in the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Could your organisation benefit from fresh ideas or solutions based on research and the latest knowledge in natural sciences?

We teach our students to be innovative thinkers and practical achievers. We work with our business partners to ensure our students are active learners; using critical and personal development skills to flourish in the workplace.

Our students can help your business and you can help them by offering opportunities and experience in the workplace.

How to work with our students

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Student Projects

Our Masters students can give you fresh ideas and science expertise via a free consultancy project that could bring real value to your business. Areas of natural science include sustainable aquaculture, big data, advanced human and animal psychology, environmental management and marine biotechnology.

Consultancy projects usually happen during the summer months and involve a matching process to make sure you’re working with a student with the skills to fit your business.

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The Stirling Internship Programme enables you to recruit our students to undertake projects to help take your business forward.

You can advertise full or part-time opportunities for summer vacation periods, or part-time internships students can carry out alongside their studies. We only promote paid internships although a limited number of partial subsidies are available to SMEs, charities and social enterprises.

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Guest talks

We welcome guest speakers to share insights and trends in the business sectors of natural sciences.


Inspire our students to excel by offering prizes and awards for academic excellence and research proposals. 

Networking events

Our Faculty holds well-attended networking and career events each year, helping you network with our students.


You can help offer scholarship opportunities to students who do not have the resources to further their education. Scholarships can be linked to internships and future employment.

Employ our graduates

We can promote your graduate vacancies and internships to our students. It’ll help raise your profile and give you access to our graduate talent pool of global alumni and current students.

Our team of specialist Careers Service Advisers will help you network with graduates, connect with students and advertise your vacancies covering:

  • Graduate roles
  • Work experience
  • Internships
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Part-time or temporary positions