International Journalism

Our long-standing commitment to international journalism research remains distinctive through both research focus and methodological approach.

The journalism team operate as a distinctive grouping in the area of Communication, Cultural and Media Studies research, and are largely focused around teaching and the launch of our MSc in International Journalism. In line with Stirling’s strategic focus on global security and resilience, our journalism research places emphasis on international security and human rights, the politics of poverty, refugees and migrants, sport journalism, political communication in non-Western nations and environmental communications. Distinctive and original work on global photojournalism, filling a large void in research knowledge has led to impacts in professional practice in collaboration with World Press Photo and the National Union of Journalists.

We maintain innovative interdisciplinary research which has both an international focus, significance and reach, based on both excellence in scholarship and the international networks these staff connect us to. Cross-connections to other themes such as digital cultures, archives and public relations have materialised through work on data journalism, broadcast news archives and lobbying.

Related outputs

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