Dr Bernadine Jones

Lecturer in Journalism

Communications, Media and Culture Stirling

Dr Bernadine Jones

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About me

I am a visual analyst, specialising in social semiotics, multimodal discourse methodology, and television news. I am Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Stirling, and my scholarship spans four degrees on two continents, intersecting media, politics, and representation. I co-founded the Visual Rhetoric / Media Semiotics research group that spans across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

My Masters thesis (2010-2012, UCT) annotated the (local and global) television news coverage of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa, focusing on visual and social semiotics, critical discourse analysis, and post-colonial theory. Continuing with the research of television news, my PhD (2018, UCT) investigated the broadcast coverage of the first five South African democratic elections (1994 - 2014). African narratives, political communication, post-colonial theory, the role of media in political discourse, and journalism ethics amongst others form the theoretical basis.

My first monograph transformed my PhD thesis into a chronology of six South African elections on television news, providing a deep analysis of media and democracy in the country.

I am currently involved in two pieces of research: analysing the UK and Scottish Government Covid-19 responses through visual social media posts, and assisting the SABC TV News archives in developing an enhanced transcription and organisation system.