What support can I get?

Our Accessibility and Inclusion team are here to make sure there are no barriers to you achieving your full potential during your time at university. Read more about the wide range of support services we offer below. 

 Student asking staff member for help

Needs Assessment

Even if you're not exactly sure what kind of support you'll require at university, don't worry. By registering with the Accessibility and Inclusion Service you'll be able to discuss your needs with an adviser and get more info about suitable assistive technology, Disabled Students Allowance entitlement and other support services. We can even help if you are studying abroad or with one of our partner institutions. To register, fill in the Accessibility and Inclusion Service Registration Form. You'll need to provide written evidence of your disability, health condition or learning needs. This may be provided in the form of an educational psychologist’s report or a letter from your GP or consultant. You can download and use our Medical Evidence Form if required.


In agreed cases, we can alter the exam format to accommodate your specific needs – from the use of assistive technology, to extended time limits or the production of exam papers in an alternative format. We’ve also taken creative approaches in the past to finding other means of assessment – such as additional course work or spoken tests – where exams aren’t appropriate.

Non-medical Personal Help

If you receive funding for a helper (e.g. a Mental Health Mentor or dyslexia tutor) through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), the University can employ someone for the role on your behalf. We’ll endeavour to match you with a non-medical personal helper as soon as possible and provide guidance on how you can work together effectively. In some cases, we may be able to employ a helper who you have identified yourself, for example, someone you may have worked with previously. Read more about the process of employing personal helpers and contact ask@stir.ac.uk to discuss your needs. We allocate helpers on a first come, first served basis, so it’s important you make contact with us as soon as you receive your award letter from the DSA.

Alternative Formats Service

Our Alternative Formats Service ensures you can access library and course materials in a way that works for you. Your course reading can be made available in Braille or on audiotape if we’re given advance notification, and we can also direct you to specialist equipment and facilities in the library. If you need to take advantage of these services, please get in touch by emailing ask@stir.ac.uk or calling +44 (0) 1786 467225.

Agreed Record of University Accessibility Adjustments

If you require some adjustments to the way your course curriculum is delivered, our Accessibility and Inclusion service can record your needs on a central document called the Agreed Record of University Accessibility Adjustments (ARUAA). The information on your ARUAA will be compiled during your needs assessment appointment and, with your permission, shared with academic members of staff so they can give you the best possible support through your studies. An ARUAA might include details about, for example, certain exam arrangements your Faculty needs to put in place to support you.

Contact us

For more information about any of these services, and to arrange an appointment with an Accessibility and Inclusion Adviser, please get in touch or drop by the Student Services Hub.