Assistive technology

To support you in your studies, we have a wide range of assistive technology in computing labs around campus, including: screen reading software, video magnifiers, braille embossers, scanners, daylight lamps, adjustable desks and more.

These technologies can help you reach your full potential, and our Accessibility and Inclusion team are happy to identify the products and services that are best suited to you and give you the training you need to use them. If you think you’d benefit from assistive technology, please get in touch to arrange a needs assessment appointment.

INTO student in library

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Phone: +44 (0)1786 466022

In person: Student Services Hub, Queens Court Entrance, Cottrell Building

Assistive technology facilities

Cottrell building 2A81/2A79

These are the more easily accessible of the assistive technology labs, and are the closest to the lecture halls and library. These labs are also used to run exams and class tests for students who require the use of assistive technology during them. Therefore, they may not always be available during the hours of 9am – 6pm, depending on the number of class tests being held.

Pathfoot B8

This small lab has three computers with assistive software, one scanner and a video magnifier and braille embosser for students with a visual impairment. The Pathfoot building is at the entrance to the University, and is approximately 15 minutes’ walk from the main teaching areas on campus, and may not be ideal for students with mobility difficulties.

Other facilities

In addition to the rooms listed above, there are multiple computing labs available for all students to access. Some assistive technologies can be accessed from any computer on campus, however your preferred settings – such as desktop shortcuts – cannot be saved for the next session, and you’ll need to have your own headphones to use screen reading software.