Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education

The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education is a professional qualification for lecturers and University teachers at the University of Stirling. It is the credit-bearing pathway for the Stirling Framework Evidencing Learning and Teaching Enhancement (SFELTE) and has been accredited by the HEA. This programme is suitable for new members of academic staff as well as those who wish to enhance their practice in learning, teaching and assessment.

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education provides a practical and theoretical grounding in learning and teaching in Higher Education. Successful completion of the first module of the programme will automatically lead to Associate Fellowship with the HEA, and successful completing of the full programme will lead to Fellowship with the HEA

The Programme

The Programme is predicated on and actively encourages the links between

  • Educational theories of learning and teaching (including in the disciplines)
  • Discipline-specific challenges and opportunities
  • The requirement for developing an inclusive curriculum as defined in institutional strategies and national imperatives.

These are explicitly inherent in the programme and participants are also encouraged to engage in other CPD in learning and teaching opportunities available in SFELTE, to further their knowledge and underpin their reflections.

Programme aims

  • To prepare those who support student learning to develop a critically reflective, evidence-based approach to the practice of learning, teaching and assessment, relevant to a research-led institution. 
  • To provide the necessary knowledge, skills and experience teaching staff require in relation to learning, teaching and assessment, through promoting critical reflection on theory and practice and enabling participants to engage in reflective discourse with colleagues as part of work-based experiential learning.
  • To provide a structured framework for personal and professional development and a route for academic staff to demonstrate fulfilment of the UK professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for teaching and supporting learning in Higher Education.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a critical awareness of skills, techniques and levels applicable to research-led learning, teaching and assessment at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels. (UKPSF: A2, A3, K1, K2)
  2. Demonstrate effectiveness in the development and/or application of disciplinary or other knowledge (through the planning and design of learning activities, modules and/or programmes of study). (UKPSF: A1, A4, K4)
  3. Integrate and apply relevant skills and knowledge to develop effective learning environments that improve students' learning experiences, recognise and support diversity and promote equality of opportunity. (UKPSF: K3, V1, V2)
  4. Critically evaluate practice in teaching, learning and assessment, within disciplinary and other contexts and in the light of the literature on learning and teaching in higher education. (UKPSF: V3)
  5. Review and feedback to peers on interventions in teaching, learning and assessment in higher education. (UKPSF: K5)
  6. Engage in and critically analyse complex issues and or problems in a systematic and/or creative manner, demonstrating evidence-based decision making, including identifying opportunities for continuing professional development that align with self, professional, discipline and institutional requirements. (UKPSF: A5, K5, K6, V3, V4)

Programme Structure

The Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education programme is a 60 credit level 11 qualification comprising three modules:

  1. LTHP100 Designing and Facilitating Learning
  2. LTHP200 Assessing Leaning
  3. LTHP300 Evaluating Practice.

Modules LTHP 100 and LTHP 200 are taught over 6 sessions of 3 hours and module LTHP 300 is taught through a full day introductory session in the summer semester with ongoing online support. Each participant is allocated a Personal Tutor.

The programme is challenging, but has been developed to take into account academic work pressures. Contact hours are comparable to other level 11 programmes and reading material is made easily accessible. The programme addresses questions directly related to, and arising from participants’ own teaching practices. Assessment is by a portfolio of teaching observations and reflective accounts of practice. Participants are expected to attend all workshops (see programme dates). In addition participants will need to allocate time to study, meetings with their personal tutor and module assessments.

Programme Dates

LTHP100 runs in the Autumn Semester, LTHP200 runs in the Spring Semester and LTHP300 runs over the Summer.


As part of its commitment to maintaining the highest academic standards in learning and teaching, at the University of Stirling it is a probationary requirement for all newly appointed lecturers to complete the first module of the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education . Those who have already obtained a relevant postgraduate qualification for teaching in higher education may be exempt. If you are unsure whether you are required to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education as part of your probation please check with your line manager or head of faculty.

This credit-bearing programme is restricted to academics and teaching staff who are engaged in a full range of learning, teaching and assessment activities. Priority will be given to staff for whom the first module of the programme is a probationary requirement.

Please be aware that as this is a credit-bearing programme, while we have endeavoured to embed flexibility within the programme in recognition of work pressures, you will be expected to adhere to the same regulations and procedures as other postgraduate students studying at the University of Stirling.

If you are not eligible for this route, you may want to explore other SFELTE routes such as:

How to Register

Eligible staff can either register for just the first module of the PGCLTHE, LTHP 100, to gain AFHEA, or for the full programme to gain FHEA. To register, please contact


Programme Leader: Susan Greig

Programme Administrator: Emma Gilbert

Feedback from you

The LTHP modules have equipped me with a variety of tools to tackle challenges that I am facing in my practice. I have become increasingly aware of our diverse student population and how to address individual needs. I’d say my teaching has become more structured and theory-led and it is driven less by intuitions. This has made it easier to justify (to students and external examiners) why things are done the way they are.

PGCert Participant 2015/16