Donor charter

The University is committed to transparency, accountability and best practice. In cases where a donor wishes to remain anonymous, such anonymity will be respected so far as is legally and practically possible. Requests to keep the amount of any donation confidential will be respected. The University’s stewardship policy is outlined in the University of Stirling’s Donor Charter. The Charter sets out the standards donors can expect from the University and adheres to the tenets of the Donor Bill of Rights. In summary it states that:

  • All communications made to potential donors concerning a project will be honest, truthful, and comply with the law;
  • The donor’s right to privacy will be respected in accordance with data protection legislation;
  • The University will not accept an “anonymous” gift without at least two of the following people (Chair of Court; Principal and Vice-Chancellor; University Secretary and Chief Operating Officer; or Director for Development and Alumni Relations) being aware of the source of the donation;
  • The gift will be applied for the purpose for which it was originally requested, unless explicit written consent is given otherwise by the donor, or, in the case of bequests, for the purposes described in the donor’s will or for similar purposes agreed with the donor’s executors;
  • The University will not normally return a gift which has been accepted in good faith. If a situation arises which give the need to review a previous decision to accept a gift, the matter will be referred to the University Court on recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal. If, following a solicitation, the University cannot honour the terms of the gift, and a compromise cannot be reached with the donor, the University will refund the gift to the donor, their estate or legal representative as appropriate;
  • The gift will be handled responsibly, to the greatest advantage of the beneficiary and without disadvantage to the University;
  • The donor’s personal data will be respected, and there will be transparency in the University’s communications with its donors;
  • The University will thank and recognise the donor appropriately, including issuing official gift receipts where required. If appropriate a gift agreement will be signed;
  • From time to time, the University may offer to recognise a gift or gift-in-kind by naming the object of the donation (i.e. part or all of a capital project) after the donor. Such offers will be subject to the guidelines of the University’s Naming Policy;
  • Adequate records of all gifts will be maintained on the Raisers’ Edge database to allow a proper audit trail;
  • The University will not sell its donor list;
  • Any concerns raised in relation to the above points will be dealt with swiftly and effectively by the Development and Alumni Relations team, in accordance with the institutional complaint handling procedures.

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