Sunil Kadri – Biotech innovator

Following completion of a PhD in fish feeding behaviour in 1995, Sunil and two partners established a company commercialising a system which fed fish according to their behaviour. The company grew into a small multi-national and eventually became part of what is now the world’s largest aquaculture technology supplier; AKVA Group. 

Sunil’s career developed further in 2002 when he moved into biotech. Working for a US company he developed a means of conditioning salmon to be ready for seawater while they are still in freshwater tanks. In 2008, a global license deal was negotiated for the technology to Europharma, a Norwegian group working in the Salmon industry. As a result Sunil became Managing Director of Europharma Scotland Ltd. He remained there until 2014 when he left Scotland for Australia to join Ridley, Australia's largest animal feed company as Head of Sales and Business Development. He remains on the Board of Europharma Scotland as Chairman. 

In addition, Sunil sits on the Board of Advisors for two Venture Capital groups and has retained an involvement in academia throughout his career, participating primarily in projects on fish welfare. Having held an honorary position at Glasgow University for many years, in January 2013 he returned to Stirling to take up an Honorary Lectureship and continue his affiliation with the University. 

I came to Stirling as it was one of the few places in the world which offered a post-grad degree in Aquaculture from an institute dedicated to the field with a global reputation. Until I arrived, I didnt realise that I would have the privilege of spending my days on such a scenic campus in such a beautiful setting. The University's small size also provided a sort of intimacy among the student community which forged close friendships and great memories which remain with me.

Sunil Kadri
MSc Aquaculture and Fishery Management, 1988