Gary Kildare - Chief Human Resources Officer for Europe at IBM

Since graduating from Stirling, Gary has spent his career with the IBM Corporation - the American technology company with operations in over 170 countries. The secret to IBM's survival over a 106 year history is in constant reinvention and continued transformation towards higher-value and more strategic technologies. From the early days of cheese slicers, clocks and scales to tabulators, punching machines, mainframes and personal computers. It is a  journey that now takes IBM to its current leadership position in cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and cloud platforms designed for industry differentiation.

Gary has worked around the world and lived in a number of different countries.  He is an energetic and progressive IBM business leader and has used his deep knowledge of business, talent and people management to lead transformational change across different countries, cultures and businesses. In his current role, he is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Europe,  responsible for driving the reinvention of the workforce strategy for the region, and helping the business to better serve clients.

He has previously been Chief HR Officer for IBM's consulting business and Global Technology Services worldwide, as well as for the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. He is part of IBM's Growth and Transformation Team, a group of senior executives providing global leadership across key strategic areas.

Outside of IBM, Gary is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, as well as a GlobalScot. He has served as Non-Executive Director of Education Scotland, as a member of the Scottish Government's Education Study 'The Curriculum for Excellence', as Non-Executive Director of the National Skills Academy and as Non-Executive Advisor to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Gary has also been a member of the HRMC People Committee and Pay Review Committee, and a member of the CBI Business Council for Scotland.

'I enjoyed my time at Stirling enormously - with great memories of the sport, meeting friends in the Grange and the Gannochy, the endless coffee and rock buns in McBob between lectures and of learning karate in Pathfoot'.

Gary Kildare 
BA Accounting and Business Law, 1983