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Class notes

Let us know what you're up to now in our ever popular 'class notes' section. If you'd like your update to be included, please email alumni@stir.ac.uk and we'll do our best to post it.


Chau H V Nguyen, MSc Media and Communications Management 2019
Three months after my graduation, I secured a job as a media producer in Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam. Then Covid-19 came. I was so lucky to have my time at Stirling to understand media foundation and learn how to adapt to this situation. I’m assisting to change the way people, especially the youth, consume media here and applying technology to help a developing country like ours.

Nadia Nur, MSc International Conflict and Cooperation 2018
Currently I am serving as a Researcher at the Center for Genocide Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am also working as a National Expert in several EU Monitoring Missions in Bangladesh.

Simron Kandola, BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Law 2017
After graduating with a Distinction from a full-time MSc degree in HRM at the University of Strathclyde and working as a part-time HR Co-ordinator at the University of Stirling, I have a new job as HR Officer at Mercy Corps, an international, non-profit organisation, in Edinburgh.

Jacqueline Boland, BA (Hons) Journalism Studies 2017 and Joe Munro, BSc (Hons) Mathematics and its Applications 2017
We met at a flat party in third year, got together two weeks later, graduated together in 2017, moved to Dundee into full time jobs, and have been happy there ever since. We got engaged at Arbroath Cliffs and we’re getting married in October 2022!

Dr Christopher Minty, PhD American History 2015
I became Managing Editor of The John Dickinson Writings Project at the Center for Digital Editing at the University of Virginia in March 2020.

Essam Al Lawati, MSc Marketing 2014
I became head of the Business Studies Department at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Nizwa and now I am doing my PhD at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Shuai Wang, MSc International Business (Finance) 2014
After graduating, I went to Japan to pursue a PhD. Thanks to my learning experience at Stirling, my PhD application was well received by my Japanese supervisor who encouraged me to produce my thesis in English.

Nicolas Mendoza, MSc Sustainable Aquaculture 2014
My journey to create a better seafood system, which started at Stirling: I've recently Co-Founded a group intended to further focus efforts on changing the seafood industry for the better called Seafood Collab. The education and global network I developed at the University of Stirling Institute of Aquaculture has been pivotal in this journey!

Dr Brian Christopher Jones, PhD Law 2012
I was appointed Lecturer in Law at the University of Sheffield in January 2020. I recently had my first monograph published: Constitutional Idolatry and Democracy: Challenging the Infatuation with Writtenness. The book was published by Edward Elgar Publishing, and is available via Amazon, Google Play, or via the publisher.


Dr Charles Xuereb, MSc Media Management 2005
I graduated with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Malta in 2013. My dissertation was published in two successive editions by the University of Malta in the space of six weeks in 2014 and hopefully the third edition will be coming sometime soon as it has long been out of print. I’m semi-retired although still lecture at the University of Malta and chair the University radio editorial board.

Doris Fullgrabe, BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Spanish Language 2001
I've lived in London, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Aguascalientes (Mexico), and Dallas (Texas). My Spanish husband and I are based in New York and recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I am an executive coach and cross-cultural trainer, freelancing as a hand lettering and calligraphy designer. Join our alumni Facebook Chapter in New York or say hello via Instagram.

Dr Robert Robertson, PhD Management & Organisation 2000
I have been reappointed to a second term as President of the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute in Nassau. I was recently awarded a Graduate Diploma in International Development by the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Vassiliki Mandelou, MSc Banking and Finance 1998
I am currently accepted by the Open University in Greece as a PhD student in Mentoring in Greek Universities. This is a dream since I was a postgraduate student, 22 years ago that will come true.

Graham Mannerings, BSc (Hons) Psychology 1995
I started Lime Entertainments in 2018, promoting my own live music and DJ nights. I founded Tribus Woda Digital record label in 2020 using my professional names John Lime and The Lords of Misrule. New album ‘Aphrodite’s Wish’ released 13 November 2020 on all streaming services.

Dr Naomi Birdthistle, BA (Hons) Business Studies 1995
Since leaving Stirling I completed my Masters at the University of Limerick and I proceeded to do my PhD there. I am an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, having lectured in Ireland, Finland and now at Griffith University, Australia. My niece, Daisy Davie is studying French and English at Stirling as part of the 2020 intake.

Stan Shires, BA (Hons) Marketing 1994
After 10 years living in the Cotswolds we sold our home and moved to a lovely village called Weston in Northamptonshire. My wife’s job has led to the move and with Covid-19, Jaguar Land Rover are encouraging us to all work from home. My dogs love it as they have constant companionship. When this is all over there will definitely be one hell of a Stirling Reunion!

Tracy Sheard (née Smith), BSc (Hons) Psychology 1991
I’m currently taking a small break from working (most recently as HR Director for the Energy Business within Lloyds Register) in Aberdeen. In the year of lockdown I took up open water swimming – you might remember me from my days in the swimming pool? I’m keen to get a reunion organised in the next couple of years, so anyone who remembers me is welcome!

Bela Evers (née Kapoor), MBA 1990
More than 30 years after graduating from Stirling, having organised a few reunions and having worked in several international companies, I’m now up for my next challenge in life. In January, I rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with three other ladies from Holland for two causes – Plastic Soup Foundation and ALS Neuromuscular Disease. Catch up with our adventure or help with a donation via dutchessofthesea.com.


John Law, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science 1988
I have had a fascinating and varied career in environmental work spanning research, regulation, consultancy and policy advice. I’m just about to embark on a new chapter having accepted a post as Climate Change and Environmental Project Officer at Ryedale District Council in North Yorkshire. I have three wonderful children and a wonderful partner and two springer spaniels. My time at Stirling remains precious to me. I made some great friends and had a really wonderful four years which helped set me up for a rewarding and fulfilling career doing my bit to take care of our world.

Heather Savage, BA General 1987
I’ve retired from my roles as a vocational trainer in community services and counselling, Community Coordinator Youth Mental in Western Sydney. I now live in Galicia, Spain, where I’m restoring an old farmhouse and teaching English part-time while I complete three literary projects.

Donald Stewart, BA Film & Media Studies and Philosophy 1986
After 30 years in retail management, and working in a clerical role for a major banking group I finally got a job in the heritage sector. I am a steward, and it is a job I love. I get to engage people with my enthusiasm for history, heritage, environment and wildlife.

Colin Campbell, BA (Hons) Sociology 1985
Since I graduated, after a year as Sports Union President, I spent over a decade in various parts of America, where I got a degree in Civil Engineering and travelled or lived and worked in over 40 States. I have also lived and worked in Nepal, the Philippines and Singapore. After a year in California, I ended up in Australia where my kids have grown up and I’m contentedly retired.

Jonas Berwick, BA English 1984
I came to Atlanta, GA in 1985. I started my own Private Detective agency, Delve Information, and have since retired. I have three great boys and I live a nice simple life, with a nice home, and a nicer dog. I am in regular contact with friends from Stirling, and all of us who are about to turn sixty cannot believe that it has been that long.

Neale Jennings, BA Religious Studies 1983
Amongst other things, I was a drummer on cruise ships. I developed my own dance method.

Billy Wilson, BA (Hons) Economics 1981
I’m currently enjoying the fruits of my labour after almost 40 years of toil with Wood Mackenzie, Bankers Trust and HSBC. Living in Bathgate, still looking back at a great period of my life – ‘The Grange’, Pathfoot discos, Two Tone Tours and Cottrell Building occupations.


David Lloyd, BA (Hons) English 1978
After a long career in public relations, I retired to Devon five years ago. I took a late MA at the University of Exeter and am now writing a novel and a short story collection.

Dr Janet Lee, BA (Hons) Sociology 1976
I’m a professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University in the USA, where I teach courses on gender and feminism. My research focuses on early 20th century social and literary histories. I would love to connect with fellow classmates from the 1970s! Contact me at jlee@oregonstate.edu.

Rajesh Hiremath, Diploma Industrial Economics 1975
I completed my Masters in Agricultural Mechanisation at the National College of Agricultural Engineering at Silsoe. I live in Edinburgh and voluntarily teach robotics and computer programming to children from ages six to 12.

Dr Phil Back, BA History 1974
After retiring to finish my PhD in 2018, I was persuaded back to work as a post-doctoral researcher with Imperial College London, studying municipal approaches to green infrastructure in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. I’ve also published a book exploring the origins of the country park in Scotland.

Very Rev Colin Sinclair, BA (Hons) Economics 1974
I just completed a year as Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. For my last two months in office after my diary was wiped out in March last year, Ruth and I found ourselves presenting a daily reflection to an average of over 10,000 views – a different congregation!

Dr Leslie Smith, BA (Hons) Chemistry 1973
I went to the USA for PhD. Post Doc in Geneva then fragrance/cosmetic industry in Belgium, Switzerland, USA and France. Retired in Switzerland and now back in beautiful Princeton, NJ with my wife Leslie. Recently started work again as Chief Scientific Officer with a start-up fragrance company. Keeps a bit of the dust off my brain.

Ian Robertson, BA (Hons) History 1973
Whilst at Stirling, I spent my third year as an exchange student at the University of California, San Diego. My eldest daughter Linda works at the University in website design and my youngest daughter Gillian got her Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Professional Studies at the Gannochy a few years ago.

John Short (aka Sean), BA (Hons) Economics 1971
I was the Founding President of the Sports Union. I spent the first lockdown writing' Applied Economics: Public Financial Management and Development' based on my work in 60 countries. Now seeking a publisher! Regarding sport, I was inducted into the Newcastle Rugby Hall of Fame in April 2017.

Looking to get in contact

Geri Fitzgerald, Visiting Student 1974 would like to get in touch with her fellow AKD housemates including Kate Wilde, Emma Fletcher and Margaret Cooper who were all first year students in 1973 and graduated in 1976.

Kevin Mulvey, BA English 1976 – looking for William MacLean, BA History 1976 and Deirdre Bruce (née Hill), BA DipEd Biology/Education 1976. William is from Aberdeenshire and relocated to Texas for work, and perhaps retired in Scotland. Deirdre is from Dunbartonshire and spent some time in Northern Ireland and Aberdeen.

Barbara Caras, exchange student 1987, is looking to reconnect with David Jackson, BSc (Hons) Computing Science 1987, and her former flatmates Judy and Morag who graduated in 1988.

If you know the whereabouts of any of these missing alumni, let us know on alumni@stir.ac.uk.


The University regrets to announce the following deaths:

Thomas (Scott) Morrison, BA (Hons) Politics 2019

Antonio Tchivela, MSc Sustainable Aquaculture 2019

Tony Mcdowall, BA (Hons) Business Studies 2013

Jolene Shortt, BSc Nursing 2013

Norman Whelan, MSc Dementia Studies 2012

Dr Graham Stewart, DUniv 2010

Adam Pattinson, BA (Hons) Sports Studies 2009

Dr James Bexley, PhD Philosophy 2006

Maureen Blair, BA General 2003

Bob Korol, MBA Public Service Management 2002

Dr Nikos Steiropoulos, MSc Aquatic Veterinary Studies 2001

Wee Beng Yan, MBA Retailing & Wholesaling 2000

Dr Petra Susan Kidd, PhD Biology 1999

Dr Hamish MacInnes, DUniv 1997

Bhaskar Dandona, BA (Hons) Film & Media Studies 1995

Alan Watson, MSc Technology Management 1994

Professor Sena de Silva, DSc Aquaculture 1989

Sterling Dlamini, BA Economics 1984

Dr Arfah Salleh, BA Accountancy 1983

Alastair Sime, BA (Hons) English/Philosophy 1982

Graeme Robertson, BA Business Studies 1981

John Hein, class of 1979

Dr Rachel Filinson, MSc Psychology 1979

Professor John Bowers, Stirling Management School

Helen Beale, retired member of staff from Department of Languages (French)

David Eccles, former football coach and player at the University in the late 1980s

Kate Howie, Teaching Fellow in Computing Science and Mathematics Division

Mrs Marjory McLachlan, former Lord-Lieutenant of Stirling and Falkirk and member of University Conference

Gordon Peacock, former University Librarian who worked at Stirling from 1966 to 1988

Dr Winston Pertaub, retired member of staff and former Head of Spanish Department

Dame Diana Rigg, former University Chancellor from 1998 to 2008

Jim Struthers, retired Superintendent of Gardens and Grounds

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