Royal Institute of Philosophy Branch

The Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) supports a range of philosophical activities at the University of Stirling and in the surrounding region. Events include:

  • Our work on human and animal rationality showcased at the Glasgow Science Festival.
  • Our visiting professor, John Sutton, in conversation with artist Andy Auld at the Stirling University Art Collection Open Day. 

We also support the popular Political Philosophy blog, Justice Everywhere, edited by our colleague Fay Niker.

Past events include the following:

  • Human enhancement (Liviu Babitz of Cyborg Nest, with Alisa Mandrigin and Mike Wheeler, held at Stirling University)
  • BBC impartiality (Jonathan Coffey, BBC Panorama Programme, with Rowan Cruft, held at Stirling University). Jonathan Coffey later produced a Radio 4 programme on this theme.
  • A series of Cafés Philosophiques at Blackwell’s Bookshop (Edinburgh): these events were originally funded by the Knowledge Beyond Natural Sciences project, and the RIP supported us in extending the series.
  • Cyborg minds in designer worlds (Andy Clark, as part of The Extended Mind exhibition closing event, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh)

Sample lecture: Whatever we Know, there is More: the Cyborg Enhancement of Human Experience

Listen again to the Royal Institute of Philosophy-supported lecture 'Whatever we Know, there is More: the Cyborg Enhancement of Human Experience'. The lecture was delivered at the University of Stirling by Liviu Babitz of Cyborg Nest, Dr Alisa Mandrigin and Professor Mike Wheeler.