Royal Institute of Philosophy Branch

The Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) supports a range of philosophical activities at the University of Stirling and in the surrounding region. Events include:

We also support the popular Political Philosophy blog, Justice Everywhere, edited by our colleague Fay Niker.

Past events include the following:

  • Human enhancement (Liviu Babitz of Cyborg Nest, with Alisa Mandrigin and Mike Wheeler, held at Stirling University)
  • BBC impartiality (Jonathan Coffey, BBC Panorama Programme, with Rowan Cruft, held at Stirling University). Jonathan Coffey later produced a Radio 4 programme on this theme.
  • A series of Cafés Philosophiques at Blackwell’s Bookshop (Edinburgh): these events were originally funded by the Knowledge Beyond Natural Sciences project, and the RIP supported us in extending the series.
  • Cyborg minds in designer worlds (Andy Clark, as part of The Extended Mind exhibition closing event, Talbot Rice Gallery Edinburgh)

Sample lecture: Whatever we Know, there is More: the Cyborg Enhancement of Human Experience

Listen again to the Royal Institute of Philosophy-supported lecture 'Whatever we Know, there is More: the Cyborg Enhancement of Human Experience'. The lecture was delivered at the University of Stirling by Liviu Babitz of Cyborg Nest, Dr Alisa Mandrigin and Professor Mike Wheeler.