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Preparing to study in the UK

Studying in the UK may be very different to studying in your home country. Even students from countries whose education system is similar to the UK will find that there are differences.

There are some steps you can take before you arrive in the UK to help with your studies:

1. Get to know your programme of study

Read any information that you have received about your programme of study, and, if possible, buy or borrow some of the books on the recommended reading list.

2. Learn more about studying in the UK

The University’s Student Learning Services provides advice and support about study skills at Stirling. For assistance, see our Student Learning Services page. Our STEER project also provides new students with a student mentor. Read more about this on our STEER project page.

Meanwhile, you'll be able to find study help on the Prepare for Success and UK Council for International Student Affairs websites.

3. Read more from other students at the University of Stirling

Check out our student viewpoints to learn more about what real students have to say about their Stirling experience.

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