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Here at Stirling, no two students are alike - and neither are their suitcases. If you're wondering what sort of basic items you'll want to bring to the UK with you, here's a quick guide:

Hand luggage

You will be able to bring one small bag on your flight. Things to put in this bag:

  • Overnight toiletries (in case your main luggage is delayed)
  • Documents from the University (programme of studies information, accommodation forms, your CAS letter and information)
  • Something to read on the flight/at the airport
  • Essential medication (plus confirmation from your doctor that you need this medicine)

Remember that there are restrictions on what you may carry in your hand luggage. Heathrow Airport security information gives useful guidance.

Clothes and the weather

You can check the weather forecast for Stirling at the Met Office.

The weather in Scotland is variable. Summer temperatures are usually 18-25 degrees celsius (daytime) while in winter the temperature can be as low as minus 5 degrees and high temperatures can be around 10 degrees.

Weather changes quickly – we can have both rain and sunshine within an hour

We suggest you bring at least one raincoat and warm coat or jacket with you. In winter you will need waterproof boots, gloves, scarf and hat. It is best to keep warm by wearing many layers of clothing rather than one thick layer. Winter coats and clothing can be bought in Stirling if they are not readily available at home.

We suggest you plan to buy some of your clothes in the UK after you have some experience of the climate.

Restricted goods

There are a number of things which you cannot bring into the UK or they will be seized by customs. These include food products from outside the EU, illegal drugs and weapons. The full list can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Household items

Check with your accommodation provider what items are included in your accommodation – you may need to buy some kitchen equipment and bedding after your arrival in the UK so check what you will need for the first few nights.

The "Green and Blue zone", operated by Students’ Union in the Atrium, is available during Welcome Week to pick up free household equipment other students have donated. Local supermarkets offer a wide range of kitchen equipment and bedding. Check out where they are on our Life at Stirling page.

It’s best to buy heavier items in the UK to avoid exceeding your baggage allowance.

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