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Centre guidelines

We provide a welcoming environment where all our users can enjoy our facilities and classes.

We’re an equitable and inclusive organisation and our facilities and services are accessible to all students, staff and members of the community. 

Our sports centre guidelines are here to ensure everyone experiences a safe and enjoyable visit to the University of Stirling sports facilities.

  • Admission

    Users are allowed access to the part or parts of the sports facilities for which they have purchased the appropriate ticket or membership. 

    The University reserves the right to refuse admission to, or evict any person from its sports facilities on a temporary or permanent basis. 

    Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied by, and under the constant care and supervision of an adult, at all times, on a ratio of one adult to two children. 

    Carers accompanying users that require special assistance are admitted free of charge. 

    No animals, other than assistance or guide dogs, will be admitted to use the sports facilities. 

    If you have a medical condition, or any concerns about your health, get medical advice before using the facilities, and tell a member of staff about the condition and the advice you have been given.

    If you are injured or have an accident in the club or on its premises, please report it immediately to a member of staff. 

    You must not use the facilities if you have an infectious disease or condition. 

    Do not block the fire exits or walkways. 

    If you hear the fire alarm, leave the facilities through the nearest fire exit and follow the instructions given by staff. 

    Users parking illegally will not be permitted to use the sports facilities. 

    Cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged. Users not paying for either used or cancelled bookings will be placed in default and will not be able to make further bookings.

  • Access

    Swimming Pool

    There are blue badge parking spaces immediately next to the entrance to the Swimming Pool. There are fully accessible cubicles, lockers, showers and toilets at the swimming pool. There is also an electronic portable hoist to assist users into and out of the swimming pool. 

    Sports Centre

    To facilitate our sports redevelopment project, the gym and Sports Centre is currently located in the rear tennis hall (courts five and six). Blue badge parking is available outside the current entrance and can be accessed via Airthrey Rd (follow signs to Institute of Sport). 

    For full details of accessing the temporary gym and Sports Centre, visit our dedicated Temporary Facilities page.

  • Behaviour and conduct

    Smoking and using electronic cigarettes are not allowed in the sports facilities or on its premises. 

    Any person using offensive language or behaving in a disorderly manner or interfering with any other person will be refused entry to or evicted from the sports facilities. 

    Any person whom is in the possession of, or has consumed alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to or evicted from the sports facilities. 

    No drink or food is allowed in activity areas. The exception is plastic sport bottles, with a one-way valve to prevent spillages on performance surfaces. 

    Any person who purposefully damages property belonging to the University will be liable to meet the cost of repair and may face legal action. 

    Written and verbal instructions from the Duty Officer must be followed.

    Users must wear suitable clothing and footwear for the activity in which they are engaged. Clean sports footwear with non-marking soles must be worn on all indoor activity areas. 

    Private coaching is strictly prohibiting in or on any of the University’s sports facilities unless with the authorisation of the Operations Manager. 

    Taking of photographs  or videos is prohibited in sports facilities unless prior consent of the Operations Manager is obtained. 

    Taking of photographs or videos is strictly prohibited in toilets and changing areas. 

    Opening fire doors in non-emergency situations is strictly prohibited. 

    The University retains the right to terminate membership if it considers the behaviour of an individual warrants such action.

  • Changing facilities

    At the Sports Centre 

    There are ample changing facilities available across the Sports centre.

    There are occasions (Wednesday afternoons and at weekends) when some of these changing rooms are used by football teams and they may not be available to other sports facility users. Information about these arrangements will be displayed in advance of the fixtures taking place.

    At the swimming pool

    There is a large mixed changing area and two separate changing areas for men and women, with their own shower areas There are also three larger cubicles for disabled users and family groups. There is a mixed shower area by the swimming pool. 

    Children under eight can change in either the male or female changing room as long as they are accompanied by an adult of the sex appropriate to that changing room. If possible, you should use a cubicle in the changing room if one is available.

  • Closures

    The sports hall and part of the tennis centre are used for University examinations, graduations, open days and other special events.

    The Swimming Pool is closed annually for one week mid-August for deep cleaning and any essential maintenance.

    Event information will be displayed around the Sports Centre in advance of these dates, and on the University Portal. The sports facilities have reduced opening hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

  • Emergencies and first aid

    Please contact a Duty Officer, Sports Attendant or Sports Receptionist in case of an emergency.

    Panic alarms are also located throughout the facilities.

  • Equipment hire

    Items such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, etc. are available for hire*. A membership card, ID card or cash deposit must be lodged against any item hired. A charge will be made for any breakage or damage. Disposable items such as shuttlecocks, golf balls, etc. can be purchased.

    *charges may apply.

Individual facility rules

  • Artificial pitches

    No smoking or chewing gum is permitted on the pitches and surrounds. 

    Users are required to stop play a few minutes before the end of their booking period to allow equipment to be removed and/or set up for the next users. 

    No glass bottles or food are allowed on the pitches and surrounds. 

    Goals must be secured before the start of play. 

    Users must wear clean shoes. 

    Users of the sand-based pitch are advised to wear hockey or astro-turf shoes. 

    Users of the 3G/rubber-crumb pitch are advised to wear astro-turf shoes or moulded rubber stud shoes.

  • Gym and Strength and Conditioning areas

    Users are required to wipe down equipment after use. 

    Users must use equipment for the purpose it is intended. 

    Users are permitted to use CV equipment for a maximum of 20 minutes. 

    Faulty or broken equipment should be reported to a Sports Attendant or Fitness Officer. 

    Users must replace all equipment after use. Discs must be removed from bars and returned to their storage rack. 

    Large metal discs or dumbbells must not be used on lifting platforms. 

    Sports bags are not permitted in activity areas. 

    Users must undergo the online fitness induction prior to using the MP Jackson Fitness Centre or Strength and Conditioning areas.

  • Golf course

    Groups of three or four players must give way to smaller groups if the tee is clear. 

    Nets are provided for safety. They must not be used for practice. 

    The maximum number of clubs permitted is three irons plus a putter. 

    Drivers and other woods are not allowed. 

    Sharing clubs is not permitted. 

    Each player is allowed to play one ball only. 

    A loud call of “fore” must be called if a ball is moving in the direction of another person. 

    Divots must be replaced. 

    Footprints in bunkers must be smoothed. 

    Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult. 

    No food or drink is allowed on the course. 

    Users must wear appropriate footwear. 


    Do not move, talk or stand close to or directly behind a player making a stroke. 

    Do not play until the group in front is out of the way. 

    Always play without delay. Leave the putting green as soon as all players in your group have holed. 

    Do not step on the line of another player’s shot. 

    Do not drop clubs on a putting green. 

    Replace the flagstick carefully in an upright position. 

    Leave the course in the condition which you find it. 

  • Grass pitches

    All group-use must be pre-booked.

  • Sports Hall
    • Activities are booked in 60 minute periods.
    • Sports hall bookings are available to members and non-members.
    • Members can book up to 7 days in advance and activities are inclusive of the sports membership.
    • Members can only book 60 minutes court hire per day for one activity. All participants must be members. Non-Members participating must pay a guest admission.  
    • Non-members can book and pay for court hire up to one day ahead.
  • Swimming pool
    • No person shall enter the swimming pool area until a lifeguard is present.
    • Children under twelve years of age must be accompanied in the water by an adult, and under constant care and supervision at all times, on a ratio of one adult to two children.
    • Swimmers must shower before entering the swimming pool.
    • Face masks, snorkels and fins are not permitted during recreational and lane swimming sessions, unless for medical reasons or at the discretion of the lifeguard.
    • Bags, clothes and associated personal items must be secured in lockers provided.
    • Glass bottles are not permitted within the building.
    • Spectators must wear plastic overshoes in the pool hall to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
    • Floats and pull buoys are available for kicking and pulling practices.


    • Swim in a lane appropriate to your ability.
    • Try to swim in a lane with a similar choice of swim stroke.
    • Try to limit the use of a back crawl during busy sessions.
    • No butterfly stroke unless the lane is empty.
    • Follow the directional signage for each lane.
    • Allow swimmers to overtake when safe to do so, at the end of the lane if necessary.
    • Be patient and allow swimmers in front the opportunity to let you pass.
    • Be courteous to other swimmers and respect their right for an uninterrupted swim.

    Lane swimming

    • You must be able to swim a minimum of 50 metres unaided.
    • Children under eight years of age are not permitted in lane swimming sessions.
    • One adult must be responsible for the supervision of a maximum of two children under the age of 12.

  • Interpretation of terms
    • University means the University of Stirling.
    • Adult means a person aged 16 years or over.
    • The Sports Facilities means the National Swimming Academy, National Tennis Centre, Cramond Sports Hall, Fitness Centre and Studios, Craig Gowan Football Centre, Aithrey Golf Pavilion and outdoor playing areas, and all other indoor/ outdoor sports activity areas.
    • The Premises means the sports facilities.
    • Partner is defined as someone who co-habits with the main member.
  • Lockers and valuables

    Lockers are provided in all changing rooms. 

    Lockers require a £1 coin (returnable) to operate. 

    The University cannot accept responsibility for valuables lost or stolen in and on its sports facilities. 

    Users are strongly advised to bring minimum amounts of cash and valuable items onto the premises. Users are requested to empty lockers after use to enable other users access to them. 

    University staff may empty any monopolized lockers at the end of each day. 

  • Memberships

    Members are required to have their photograph taken and then present their membership card on each visit.  Membership cards carry a photograph and membership number.  Students and staff must use their University ID card as their membership card. 

    Members will not be admitted free of charge to relevant sports facilities without their membership card. Members may be charged non-member rates without their card. Membership is non-transferable.  Student memberships are valid from date of joining until 15 September (beginning of next academic year).  One semester memberships are only available to students attending the University for one-semester in the academic year. 

    Refunds will not be considered for unused parts of a membership. Deliberate misuse of a membership card may result in membership being terminated. The University retains the right to close its membership list. 

    All persons playing for or training with a Sports Union Club that uses University facilities must hold a current sports facilities membership. 

    A £20 administration fee will be levied if unauthorised use of the sports facilities requires the University to raise an invoice for sports facilities membership. 

    Partner membership is only available when a full alumni, student or staff membership is purchased. 

    Child (age 4-15) and Child in Full-time education memberships are only available when a full adult, alumni, student or staff membership is purchased. 

  • Parking

    All users of the University campus are subject to the University’s Traffic and Car Parking Regulations.  Details of how to get to the Campus and the regulations relating to parking can be found on the Getting Here page.  Please note that the regulations are reviewed annually.

  • Safety and insurance 

    Whilst the sports and fitness classes and courses at the University are conducted by well-qualified, experienced and competent staff, accidents are possible. Intending participants should carefully consider this aspect of their involvement before booking. The University does not provide personal insurance for people taking part in its sports and fitness classes and courses. 

  • Disclaimer

    The University does not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage sustained by anyone or to the property of anyone using or visiting the premises. The University reserves the right to alter prices or opening times from those quoted in this User Guide. 

    Our aim is to provide users with enjoyable, quality experiences. 

    Comment cards are available at the reception desks and we greatly appreciate any comments you may have to help us improve our service to you. 

    For more information or questions on any of the Sport Centre Guidelines, please contact Michael Chadwick, Operations Manager on 01786 466900,  or by email

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