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Film and Memory: Consortium for Film and Visual Studies - 9 June

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The University of Stirling's School of Arts and Humanities is hosting the fourth Scottish Consortium for Film and Visual Studies in Pathfoot on 9 June. The conference, which is free to all, is dedicated to the theme of Film and Memory.

The conference will mark the lives and the contributions to the study of film which our colleagues Dr Mark Brownrigg, here at the University of Stirling, and Professor John Orr, from the University of Edinburgh, made in the course of their respective careers.

Keynote speakers include Professor Richard Dyer of Kings College, London, Professor Andrew Hoskins of the University of Glasgow and Professor Robert Burgoyne from the University of St Andrews.

Subjects under discussion will include: film and institutional memory; film and personal and/or collective memory; film and public/critical reception; film and processes of remembering and forgetting; film music and memory; remembering the BFI summer schools.

More information, including the programme and registration details, can be found at

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