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New handbook aims to reduce global toll of suicide deaths

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The human toll of suicidal behaviour is massive, with up to a million deaths
a year by suicide worldwide. A new handbook aims to make a significant
contribution to the understanding of suicide and attempted suicide by presenting
the findings of the world’s leading experts on suicide prevention.

The International Handbook of Suicide Prevention brings together, in one
volume, the most innovative and up-to-date overview of suicide prevention
research, policy and practice from across the globe. It is set to become the
seminal handbook for the subject.

The Handbook is co-edited by Professor Rory O’Connor of the University of
Stirling, Professor Stephen Platt of the University of Edinburgh, and Jacki
of Jacki Gordon + Associates, Glasgow.

Professor O’Connor said: “If we are to meet the challenge of reducing suicide
globally, we need to understand who kills themselves and why. We also need to
find out what works in suicide prevention and what treatments are effective for
people who are at risk.

“Suicide is a major public health concern across the world and any national
or international suicide prevention strategy, to be effective, must be able to
engage those who have attempted suicide. In this Handbook, we try to understand
why people attempt suicide and what can be done to make death by suicide less

“Only through learning and working together internationally will we rise to
the challenge of reducing the tragic phenomenon of suicidal behaviour in every
country. That is why we have compiled the latest thinking on the science of
suicide prevention from 80 experts from around the world, who describe the
fundamental principles of good clinical practice and policy as well as new
theoretical models to help us better understand suicide.

“The Handbook is aimed at anyone with an interest in suicide prevention, not
just professional researchers, clinicians, policy planners and students but also
survivors who may be trying to understand what happened to their loved one.”

The International Handbook of Suicide Prevention: Research, Policy and
Practice is published by Wiley-Blackwell on 1 July 2011, RRP £110 or €132.

It is available to purchase on Amazon:

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