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Stirling sets tuition fees for students from the rest of the UK

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Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be charged £6,750 per year to take courses at the University of Stirling from 2012, resulting in the total cost of a four year degree course being £27,000. This figure of £27,000 is in line with the majority of other Scottish Universities' fees for four year degree courses.

Suitably qualified students can take advantage of direct entry to the second year of their degree course. A new range of bursaries and scholarships for both Scottish and rest of UK students will be introduced from 2012.

Professor Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor said: "The University of Stirling has always believed that access to higher education should be based on ability, not background or the ability to pay. As a result of the new funding arrangements, Scottish universities have no choice but to charge fees for students from the rest of the UK. At Stirling, our bursaries and scholarships will assist eligible students to attend university and encourage wider participation in higher education. Those students who are suitably qualified can choose to complete their studies within three years.

"It is worth emphasising that these costs are not incurred up front. Like other Scottish universities, Stirling remains free at the point of entry – with students repaying the fees when they enter employment and have an income exceeding £21,000* a year.

"The University of Stirling is proud of its record in supporting students. We would encourage anyone with an interest in a university education to talk to us about the options available."


*This figure applies to English and Welsh students. The threshold for Northern Irish students is £15,795


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