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Law Making and the Scottish Parliament: The Early Years

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A new book examines for the first time how law-making in Scotland has changed since devolution.
Law Making and The Scottish Parliament: The Early Years is the first wide-ranging critical analysis of legislative developments in those areas of law and policy devolved to the Scottish Parliament under the devolution settlement.
Edited by University of Stirling academics in Scotland’s newest law school, Stirling Law School, it offers sixteen themed chapters, each dedicated to a discrete area of the law and written by an acknowledged expert in the field.
Professor Elaine Sutherland commented, “As the tenth anniversary of the Scottish Parliament drew near, we believed that there was a real need to put its legislative achievements under the spotlight. We hope that this critical analysis of the Parliament’s achievements will highlight both where it has lived up to the high hopes held out for it and where there is room for improvement.”
Law Making and The Scottish Parliament: The Early Years provides a critical scholarly evaluation of a number of legislative achievements of Scotland’s devolved parliament in its first decade. It will appeal to legal and other scholars and students, lawyers and anyone with an interest in Scottish politics, policy-making and law.

For more information, contact Elaine E. Sutherland, Professor of Child and Family Law at the university of Stirling at: or call: 01786 467354

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