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Kettlebells health class at Stirling provides the ‘ultimate workout’

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Kettlebells may sound like a device to inform you when your cuppa is ready – but it is in fact a ‘fat stripping’ health class new to the University of Stirling programme.

Described as the ‘ultimate all-over body conditioning workout’, it involves a range of around 50 exercises using a Kettlebell weight.

And the class, part of the Sports Centre drop-in health and wellbeing programme, is proving an instant hit.

“It’s definitely a really good work-out,” said Nursing student Gordon Devlin. “I felt it on my arms more than anything. I’d heard a little bit about Kettlebells so I wanted to find out for myself. I do Krav Maga, a self-defence class in Dunblane and they talked about the benefits.

“When I heard they had a class at the University I thought I’d give it a shot. It was hard work, but I could really feel it helping. I get married in September so I want to get into shape for the big day; plus it’s a good way to sweat out the weekend excesses!”


The weights range from four to 32 kilos, with the class structured around minute-long exercises to work every muscle in the body. In a 40-minute Kettlebells class, you can burn about 1200 calories, compared to around 800 from an hour on the gym treadmill.

Fitness Instructor Craig Glass first came across the unusual items at an Australian gym and decided to find out more when he returned to Scotland.

He said: “It strips fat and builds muscle so it’s perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight. It’s not just for women either and should appeal to men as well as it involves weights. You won’t end up with big muscly arms but it will certainly tone you.

“Kettlebells also help with flexibility and posture so even with simple things like getting out of a chair or carrying the shopping – you’ll notice the difference.”

The class runs on a Monday from 12.30pm-1.15pm and places can be booked in person on the day at the Sports Centre reception. Call 01786 466500 for booking details.

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