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Strategic Plan

Performance and effectiveness

Expected performance standards in all parts of the University must be clearly understood through dialogue in the context of the competitive environment, stakeholder expectations, and sectoral norms and best practice. We must foster and support an aspirational culture, encourage initiative and innovation, develop capability, and reward and recognise achievement. We must ensure continuous improvement of our processes.

We will:

  1. Require that all members of staff participate regularly in Achieving Success discussions. Ensure that these discussions clearly define the strategic context and personal performance expectations. Regularly discuss achievement against objectives. Clarify that the process is a required component of probation, promotion and reward policies.
  2. Identify strategic development plans:
    1. Review induction training to ensure mandatory and role expectations are addressed and periodically refreshed according to role responsibilities.
    2. Review the leadership and management development needs of academic and professional staff with line management responsibilities, and identify and encourage participation in appropriate training and development opportunities, and opportunities for development via secondment.
    3. Review the academic development needs of all staff holding academic contracts, and develop and promote appropriate academic staff development opportunities in teaching and learning, research and internationalisation and digital skills.
    4. Review the skills and development needs of professional services staff and develop and promote appropriate professional training, secondments, knowledge of continuous improvement methodologies, and digital skills.
  3. Continue to develop our promotions, recognition and reward systems to ensure alignment with strategic goals, and actively promote and reward high performance.
  4. Pro-actively and expediently manage individual performance improvement issues, where necessary utilising formal procedures to ensure clarity of expectation and timelines.

Extend the scope, participation and resourcing of Lean Process training and projects to include institution-wide process review and expectation and dissemination of Lean activities in each Faculty and Service Department.


  1. Revised AS action plan implemented by December 2017
  2. Faculty and Services Staff Development Plans in place by October 2017
  3. Established succession planning for key posts by July 2018
  4. 100% AS meetings conducted by March 2018
  5. Active performance management in all Faculties and Services evidenced by progress against strategic targets by July 2018.