Being open in all we do, communicating the work and worth of the University to the wider world, and engaging people in the delivery of our vision.

Strategic Plan

Communication and engagement

Achievement of the Strategic objectives requires clear, frequent, and consistent communication of our goals and values.  Engagement with these messages is critical, and informs decision making, performance and action at all levels.  The dialogue on understanding and commitment to organisational goals and performance and employment expectations must become a normal feature of our culture.

We will:

  1. Develop internal communications content, methods and plans to support achievement of the Strategy.
  2. Research and understand the issues that staff want to hear about, and the appropriate and preferred channels by which dialogue may occur. 
  3. Develop Faculty and Service Department communications methods to ensure the sharing of key messages and dialogue on opportunities and challenges.
  4. Re-invigorate and normalise the frequency and format of the Achieving Success process and monitor its execution and effectiveness, and resultant two-way communication.
  5. Review our Staff Survey methodology to ensure appropriate frequency, timing and structure to enhance the organisational dialogue. 


  1. Internal communications action plan implemented by October 2017
  2. Revised AS action plan implemented by December 2017
  3. Revised Staff Survey plan implemented by December 2017
  4. Staff surveys demonstrate improved understanding of Strategic Plan and personal contribution by July 2018
  5. Staff surveys demonstrate increased satisfaction with internal communications by December 2018.