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Resource, structure and skills

The University requires resource and structure fit for this Strategic Plan. At a minimum, we have set as a goal a research active academic complement of over 500
within the lifetime of the Plan.  REF review proposals may further escalate the urgency of this issue in order to best secure improved outcomes in the next REF
exercise.  We will ensure that our organisational structures and resources reflect strategic priorities, are efficient and effective in delivery, and possess, develop or
resource the skills necessary for achievement of our goals.  We will maintain an international perspective and reach in attracting and retaining high performing staff.

We will:

  1. Require all Faculties and Service Departments to develop active plans reflecting our strategic resource and skills needs and indicating proposed changes and timelines which lead to enhanced delivery of outputs, revenue and/or organisational effectiveness.
  2. Identify, encourage and reward collaborative working and a focus on integrated and effective processes.
  3. Identify opportunity, cost and resource for accelerated delivery of academic recruitment.
  4. Utilise targeted methods to attract high performing staff within accelerated timescales.
  5. Support appropriate organisational restructure and role re-definition in pursuit of a fit for purpose organisation.
  6. Clarify organisational reporting and accountability lines where necessary.
  7. Develop more coordinated, effective and speedy recruitment processes and associated administrative structures.
  8. Be clear on preferred organisational academic and professional services resource profiles to inform and take action on targeted restructure, hiring and retention.
  9. Develop pro-active retention review processes and action plans.


  1. Faculty and Service Department resource plans in place by May, 2017
  2. Academic Recruitment Plan in place by May, 2017
  3. Succession planning model/process in place by December, 2017
  4. 105(net) additional research active academic staff by July 2021.