Committee structure

Court and Academic Council are supported by a number of committees, from which they receive recommendations about all aspects of the University’s business. The committees meet on a regular basis throughout the year to consider a wide range of issues. Committees include:

  • Academic Promotions Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Governance and Nominations Committee
  • University Research Ethics Committee
  • Honorary Degrees Committee
  • Combined Joint Negotiating and Consultation Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Joint Policy, Planning and Resources Committee
  • Remunerations Committee
  • Education and Student Experience Committee

The following diagram shows the structure of the University Committees

The link below gives details of the current remit, chairs and secretaries of the University’s Governance committees

For the current schedule of meetings for this year see Schedule of meetings

Guidelines for committee chairs and secretaries on how a committee should be managed is given in the Committee Conventions