Academic Council

The Academic Council is responsible for regulating and directing the academic work of the University and is the supreme authority on purely academic matters.

It reports to the Court only in areas in which a decision of the Court is required. The Court has no power to overturn academic decisions of the Academic Council, but decisions which have resource implications, which would require the consent of the Court, will in practice be made by, or recommended to Court by, the Joint Policy, Planning and Resources Committee which is a joint committee with members from both Court and Academic Council.

The specific responsibilities of Academic Council are set out in Statute 10 in the University Calendar.

  • directing, regulating and promoting the teaching and research of the University;
  • regulating and conducting examinations and appointing both internal and external examiners;
  • granting degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions;
  • regulating admission of students to the University;
  • regulating and superintending the living conditions and discipline of the students of the University.
  • exercising discipline by excluding student temporarily from the University on grounds of misconduct, to suspend a student, to exclude permanently, to impose reprimands and monetary funds and to require sureties and reparation for damage.

Academic Council membership

The Academic Council is chaired by the Principal. Unlike the Court, its membership is drawn exclusively from within the University. Its constituency is detailed in Ordinance 66 available on the Ordinances page as follows:

  • The Principal
  • The Senior Deputy Principal
  • The Deputy Principals (maximum 3)
  • The Deans of Faculty (maximum 5)
  • The Institutional Deans appointed to lead on strategic initiatives (maximum 6)
  • Seven members elected by the academic staff, from among the academic staff of the University holding professorial designation
  • Eight members elected by the academic staff, from among the academic staff who do not hold professorial designation
  • Four members elected by the Students’ Association from the students of the University
  • Up to two additional members co-opted

For details of the current members of Court see the University calendar.


View copies of Academic Council minutes.

Academic Council documentation

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