Modules, credit load and attendance

Module registration

47. A maximum of 80 credits may be taken during one semester. This includes 'assessment only' and modules repeated in their entirety. Additional fees may be due for additional modules taken above a baseline of 120 credits per annum for full-time students.

48. Before being permitted to register on some modules, a student may be required to have undertaken prerequisite modules, defined as follows:

Compulsory pass prerequisites: In order to take module A, a student must pass module B.

Module content prerequisites: In order to take module A, a student must have taken and satisfied the published requirements for, although not necessarily passed, module B.

Recommended prerequisites: In order to take module A it is recommended that the student has taken and passed module B.

Successfully completed prerequisite modules [i.e. compulsory pass prerequisites and module content prerequisites] will not be counted after five calendar years from module commencement.

49. A student must register on the minimum set of modules as prescribed by the programme of study's degree programme table.

50. A maximum of 40 credits from personal development modules may contribute to an award of the University.

51. A student may not register for a module (including transfer from one module to another) later than two weeks after the start of teaching.

52. A student may undertake a module on a 'non-assessed' basis, provided that all prerequisite and admission requirements are met, and there is capacity. A fee will be charged. No credits are received for taking a module on a non-assessed basis.

Module withdrawal

53. A student is permitted to withdraw from a module no later than two weeks from the commencement of teaching. Thereafter, fees are due for the module, and the module will remain on the student's record with a result of failure to comply with published requirements.

Attendance and engagement

Class attendance

54. Each module's descriptor specifies any compulsory or prescribed attendance required at classes.

55. A student who fails to attend a compulsory class will be deemed to have failed the module, due to failure to comply with published requirements.

56. A student who is absent for more than a third of prescribed classes will have their mark capped at a maximum of 40 for that module.


57. Other points of required engagement for students will be specified in each module's descriptor.