Undergraduate regulations for modules, credit load and attendance

Module registration

36. A maximum of 80 credits may be attempted during one semester. This includes 'assessment only' and modules repeated in their entirety.

37. Additional fees may be due for additional modules taken above a baseline of 120 credits per annum for full-time students.

38. Before being permitted to register on some modules, a student may be required to have undertaken prerequisite modules.

39. Successfully completed prerequisite modules will not be counted after five calendar years from module commencement.

40. A student must register and ensure that they register on at least the minimum set of modules as prescribed by the programme of study's degree programme table for each semester of study.

41. A maximum of 40 credits from personal development modules may contribute to an award of the University.

42. A student may not normally register for a module (including transfer from one module to another) later than two weeks after the start of teaching.

43.  A student is permitted to withdraw from a module no later than two weeks from the commencement of teaching. Thereafter, fees are due for the module, and the module will remain on the student's record with a result of failure to comply with published requirements.

44. A student may undertake a module on a 'non-assessed' basis, provided that all prerequisite and admission requirements are met, and there is capacity. A fee will be charged. No academic credits can be achieved for taking a module on a non-assessed basis.