Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Policy and Procedure


The University of Stirling is committed to maintaining academic standards and delivering consistently high standards of quality in its programmes, thereby ensuring that they provide an excellent academic experience and enable student achievement to be reliably assessed.

Within the obligations set out by both the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, and the Scottish Funding Council, in line with the national Quality Enhancement Framework, higher education institutions in Scotland are required to have in place explicit, effective, strategic approaches to quality assurance and enhancement. The University of Stirling Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework sets out the University’s arrangements for academic quality and our approach to managing quality and enhancing provision.

A key element of the Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement Framework is Institution-led Review. Higher Education Institutions in Scotland are expected to undertake Institution-led Review, including both annual and periodic review of education provision in order to be able to determine and demonstrate that required academic standards are being consistently met.

In addition, institutions are expected to reflect, at the institutional level, on strategic issues arising from regular quality processes (including annual and periodic reviews), and to make use of this information as part of the overall strategic approach to quality enhancement. This strategic approach and its effectiveness are explicitly considered during Enhancement-led Institutional Reviews (ELIR).

The Policy and Procedure on Quality Monitoring and Evaluation sets out the University’s arrangements for quality monitoring and evaluation across Module Review, Annual Programme Monitoring and Quinquennial Learning and Teaching Review. The preparation of the policy and procedure has taken account of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the associated Advice and Guidance on Monitoring and Evaluation.

 The Policy and Procedure can be accessed from the link below.

Academic Registry has responsibility for managing and developing the University’s academic quality assurance and enhancement arrangements. The Academic Quality and Governance area of the Academic Registry team (AQG) operates the arrangements and can be contacted in respect of quality matters via quality@stir.ac.uk.


Policy and Procedure

View the Policy and Procedure on Quality Monitoring and Evaluation.