A Student Guide to Feedback

What is feedback?

It is a key part of developing as an independent learner. It guides you to identify your strengths and how to improve your future work. It comes in many forms (e.g. electronically, written, audio recording, verbal, class feedback/personal feedback and with exemplars) and from different people, including your tutors and other students.

Who is responsible for feedback?

The University is responsible for ensuring you receive feedback that is:

  • clear and accessible
  • returned electronically (unless otherwise advised in advance)
  • received within 15 working days of submitting work, except for dissertations or equivalent*
  • constructive and supportive
  • aligned to the final mark awarded and to the assessment learning outcomes and
  • identifies the strengths of the work, as well as areas for improvement
  • appropriate for the level of study.

You are responsible for:

  • familiarising yourself with module information on how to approach assessments and how, when and where to find your feedback
  • accessing and digesting your feedback
  • seeking further help and guidance from your tutors and other students
  • saving a copy of your feedback for future use
  • reflecting on your feedback to celebrate and build on your strengths and to use what you have learnt in your approach to work in the future
  • offering constructive and supportive feedback to other students when asked to do so.

Further help is always available

Feedback and Guidance sessions are available regularly for every module, and provide opportunities for you to clarify and discuss your feedback 1-to-1. Check module information for details. Student Learning Services can also help you, check details on the Student Learning Services webpage. If in doubt, your personal tutor can guide you to sources of help, details of how your personal tutor can help are set out in the student guide to personal tutors on the website.

* if not possible, in exceptional circumstances, students will be given an explanation for the delay and a new date set