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Shared project folders

In addition to a location for research data that is private to the individual researcher, there may also be a need for storage, which is sharable between researchers who are collaborating on a project. 

Create a Shared Project Folder

On request, project folders can be created within the top level research folder (\\researchfiles\research) with access permissions granted to a named set of users. Each of these users will then see within their X: drive, not only their personal folder but also any project folders that they have been granted access to.

In order to do this please fill out the following form available via Unidesk self service.

Instructions with Images

  • Click on Request a Service

    Request a service

  • Now select Storage for Research Data

    Storage for research Data

  • Click on the Request Shared Project Folder(s) button and fill in the form

    Request shared folder

    The following is a direct link to the form 'Request Shared Project Folder'

  • Set Folder Permissions

    The person making the request will be deemed to be the owner of the folder so will have the authority to request additional users to be added or users to be deleted, e.g., a researcher leaves Stirling.

    shared folder form

  • Specify each folder

    You then have to specify each folder you want. The name of the folder should have no spaces in it and you need your collaborators names and their usernames. We ask at this point whether the folder should be stored locally.  Please only select Yes if your funder requires this. Fields with asterisk denote a compulsory field. As part of good research practice, you should also start thinking about how long you will need these folders for, hence the question about project end date.

    Project end date

    Once you have filled in the form click on the envelope icon to send the request to the Information centre

Shared Project For External Collaborators

If you are collaborating with individuals who are not University of Stirling staff then you will need to request an External User ID via the Application for Computer Use form in the first instance. Then you will be able to go through the Request a Shared Project Folder process.

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