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Expectant Mothers

The University has arrangements in place for when a member of staff becomes pregnant and for when she returns to work.

As soon as the member of staff becomes aware she is pregnant she should advise Human Resources. Human Resources will arrange with the Head of School / Director of Service to carry out a short risk assessment to identify if there are any additional work risks arising from the pregnancy and to put control precautions in place should they be required.

Prior to carrying out the risk assessment, the Head of School / Director of Service should read the booklet 'New and Expectant mothers at work (available from Safety, Environment and Continuity).

The member of staff should read the HSE leaflet - New and Expectant Mothers Who Work

Risk Assessment Form for New and Expectant Mothers

In addition to this, there are now two Pregnant worker rest rooms and 1 Nursing mothers room. The pregnant worker rest rooms are  Cottrell 2B72 and Pathfoot Crush Hall Pregnant worker rest room. The Nursing mothers room is Cottrell 2W2.   A rest room is where the pregnant worker can go to be quiet and lay down. Alternatively, a nursing mothers room has baby changing facilities and sink/ drainer board.  

Access: Access to both Cottrell rooms (2W2 and 2B72) are controlled by Cottrell Reception and users will be required to obtain the key from Cottrell desk. Both rooms are normally kept locked until needed.   Access to the Pathfoot rest room is controlled by Pathfoot reception desk and users are required to obtain the key from Pathfoot reception.

Facilities: Both pregnant worker rest rooms have a bed, an easy chair and a wash hand basin/ soap and paper towels.   The nursing mothers room will have an easy chair, a baby changing facility and a sink/ drainer/ soap and paper towels.

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