Terms and Conditions of Sports Centre memberships


i Annual Membership agreements shall commence on the date of joining and are valid for 12 months

ii Members are required to have their photograph taken

iii Members must present their membership card on each visit

iv Members will not be admitted free of charge to relevant sports facilities without their membership card

v Student memberships are valid from date of joining for the duration of membership purchased

vi Deliberate misuse of a membership card may result in membership being terminated

vii The University retains the right to close its membership list

viii All persons playing for, or training with, a Sports Union Club that uses University facilities must hold a current sports facilities membership

ix A £20 administration fee will be levied if unauthorised use of the sports facilities requires the University to raise an invoice for sports facilities membership

x Associate memberships are only available when a full graduate, student or staff membership is purchased

xi We reserve the right to review membership fees Paying members will be given 30 days’ notice of any proposed changes

xii Concession prices are available for over 60s and users with a registered disability, an ID will be required as proof of concession

Monthly payments

i Memberships paid by direct debit will be taken on the 1st of the month or the next working day

ii Concession prices are available for over 60s and users with a registered disability, an ID will be required as proof of concession

iii All new direct debits will be charged a pro-rata and, where required, the initial month prior to the first monthly payment. The initial month is only required if purchased between the 15th and 31st of the month

iv If a direct debit is not successful, access to facilities will be suspended until payment is received at reception

v If the direct debit is not successful and the payment is not made then we will attempt to take the payment again along with the next payment

vi Loss or theft of a membership card should be reported to the sports centre reception

vii The university reserves the right to accept or refuse a person as a member

Cancellations and refunds

i If you wish to leave then a cancellation request must be received in writing to: sportreception@stir.ac.uk 

ii Members may request to cancel after the initial 14 day term, by giving one calendar month's notice. Cancellations after the initial term are subject to managers discretion

iii Refunds will not be considered for unused parts of a membership

iv Refunds will only be issued under medical circumstances at the manager’s discretion

Freezing membership

i  The minimum period for freezing membership is one calendar month and a maximum of eight calendar months

ii  All requests must be put in writing to: sportreception@stir.ac.uk 

iii Freezing membership will be considered in circumstances where the member is able to demonstrate that their attendance at the facilities has been rendered difficult or unduly onerous by reasons out-with their control. Supporting documentation may be required

iv Freezing membership is subject to one calendar month's notice

Admission and access

i The University reserves the right to refuse admission to, or evict any person from, its sports facilities on a temporary or permanent basis

ii Carers accompanying users that require special assistance are admitted free of charge

iii No animals, other than guide dogs, will be permitted access to the sports facilities

Lockers and valuables

i  The University cannot accept responsibility for any valuables lost or stolen in and on its sports facilities. Users are strongly advised to bring minimum amounts of money and other valuables into and on sports facilities

ii  Users are requested to empty lockers after use to enable other user’s access to them, University staff may empty the lockers at the end of the day if they are believed to have been left full


i  Accidents are possible, the University does not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage sustained by anyone or to the property of anyone using or visiting the premises

ii  The University reserves the right to alter prices or opening times

iii Our aim is to provide users with an enjoyable, quality and safe experience, comment cards are available at the reception desks

iv  We greatly appreciate any comments you may have to help us improve our service, please send feedback to: sportreception@stir.ac.uk 

v  University of Stirling reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time

Individual facility rules

i  All users and members must comply with individual facility rules on: pre-booked fitness classes, behaviour and conduct, emergencies and first aid, University parking regulation and closures

ii  For more information visit: stir.ac.uk/1fu

Personal Data and Privacy Policy

i  In order to become a member we will lawfully collect personal data including name, date of birth, address, personal contact details and where required, bank details. Personal data is required to provide you with the membership services you have requested.

ii  All data provided to the University will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy (available at stir.ac.uk/61x)

iii  All of your personal details will be treated strictly in accordance with the terms of GDPR. This means that confidentiality will be respected and that appropriate security measures will be taken to prevent unauthorised disclosure.

If you have any queries about this statement please contact us at: sportreception@stir.ac.uk 

Interpretation of terms

i University means University of Stirling

ii  Adult means a person aged 16 years old or over

iii  The sports facilities means the Swimming Pool (National Swimming Academy), the indoor and outdoor facilities comprising the Sports Centre and the indoor and outdoor facilities at Airthrey Castle

iv The Manager means: The Director of Sport, Operations Manager and Business Development Manager or any other employee acting with the authority of the Director of Sport

v Associate is defined as someone who co-habits with the main member