mywellness is our digital fitness platform that will improve your training experience. Packed full of features and support to maximise your fitness journey.

6 ways to benefit from our digital fitness platform: 

  1. Free Workouts & Programmes
  2. Track your activity (indoors & outdoors)
  3. Measure your progress
  4. Connect wearable devices
  5. Join challenges
  6. Discover what make you move

Already registered but not linked to the University of Stirling facility yet?

1. Open the mywellness App
2. Click on Profile
3. Go to Settings
4. Then Facilities
5. Add a facility by scanning the QR code or enter facility code: uossport

let's move for a better world, 14 to 31 March 2023

What is a mywellness move?

By deploying its best scientific resources combined with thirty years of experience in the sport field, Technogym has succeeded in developing a new, innovative tool: MOVEs.


MOVEs are the ultimate unit of measurement for objectively assessing your lifestyle, based on the exercise you do regardless of your gender, age or fitness level. Any action you take that involves movement will be accurately tracked and recorded.

To give you a better understanding of how MOVEs are taken, here is an easy example:

  • Five flights of stairs are considered 50 MOVEs;
  • A nice walk of half an hour equals 200 MOVEs;
  • But if instead of walking for half an hour you decide to run, well... the 200 MOVEs will become 400 MOVEs, twice as many!

Keep in mind that to keep yourself healthy, we suggest you do at least 1000 MOVEs!


Movergy is an index of how active your lifestyle is, and represents the average of your daily MOVEs earned over a 14-day period.

By constantly monitoring the level of your Movergy, you'll be able to tell if you're running towards your wellness, or if instead you need to move a little more.

If your Movergy is set:

  • Below 500: then you are considered a sedentary person;
  • Above 750: you are a moderately active person;
  • Over 1000: you are a very active person!

How do I collect MOVEs?

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect MOVEs from any activity inside and outside the facility.

1. Link wearable devices and track with 3rd party apps
2. MOVEs can be collected during workouts on cardio and strength equipment by simply logging into your mywellness account on the machines.
3. Log all other exercises & classes using the ‘Do it Yourself’ Log
4. Manually input result from sports/outdoor activities by ‘Adding Results

Contact us

If you have any enquiries, our fitness team will be more than happy to help out.

Latest mywellness challenge

Make a MOVE Team Challenge

Wednesday 3 March - Wendesday 24 March

Make a MOVE this March and join one of our virtual teams to promote getting active and positive mental wellbeing! As part of the University's Wellbeing Week, Make a MOVE will be starting on Wednesday 3 March, also known as ‘Get Active’ day, and is open to all.

The challenge will see participants join one of four teams:

  • The Courageous Off-Campus Champions
  • The Acclaimed Accommodation All-stars
  • The Lively Lecturers
  • The League of Professional Services

The aim is to gather as many MOVEs (mywellness' way to measure all types of activities) for your team as possible by Wednesday 24 March by either walking, running or cycling. You can link your own activity monitor or app (i.e. STRAVA, Google Fit) to mywellness and all different metrics (cals, distance, heart rate, duration) are then converted into MOVEs i.e. 10 mins of walking can earn you 50-100 MOVEs.   

The team that manages to gain the most MOVES by the end of the challenge will be crowned the most active! 

Any individuals within the winning team that accumulate over 21,000 MOVEs* will also be automatically entered into a prize draw to WIN some goodies. As it’s the moving that counts, anyone from the remaining teams, who collects over 21,000 MOVEs, will also be entered into another prize draw. 

How can I get involved?

For new mywellness users, follow the steps outlined above to create an account and download the app.

  1. On the mywellness home screen, click 'join challenge' on the Make a MOVE Team Challenge tile. 
  2. Select the team that is most relevant to you; The Acclaimed Accommodation All Stars, Courageous Off-Campus Champions, The Lively Lecturers or the League of Professional Services. 
  3. Make sure you have connected a trackable device or app to start collecting MOVEs.
  4. To help motivate others, share how you’re collecting MOVEs by tagging us @SportatStirling on Instagram, X or Facebook. We look forward to seeing your progress!