Professor Rowan Cruft

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Role: Professor of Philosophy and Head of Law and Philosophy

Research interests: My research focuses on the nature and justification of rights, and on the relationship between rights and democratic legitimacy.

Why do you think a positive research culture is important?

Research is exciting and difficult. A positive research culture gives academics the confidence, time and support to produce original, rigorous work.

What aspects of Research culture are most important to you?

I love engaging in research, and a culture that recognises the time and freedom this requires is very important. So is a collegial support group that regularly reads, engages with, criticises and champions its members' work.

Can you give an example of an action you have taken to improve research culture?

In my support for colleagues I have tried to live up to the example of the senior colleagues who supported me when I arrived at Stirling: by reading draft work, offering supportive engaged feedback; involving each other in our research projects; meeting regularly as part of a group focused on learning together. I was also pleased many years ago to set up the Stirling Political Philosophy Group with Andrea Baumeister and Monica Mookherjee for informal interdisciplinary discussion and to revitalise this more recently with Fay Niker, Simon Hope and again with Andrea.

What is something that you personally would like to do next to improve research culture?

I would like to make more time to read colleagues' draft work (both publications and grant applications) and for them to read mine. We already do this, but not as often as we should, and we could do more to meet in person in informal settings (e.g. cafes, walks) rather than on Teams.