Dr Isaac Tabner

Accounting and Finance Division, Stirling Management School

Role: Senior Lecturer in Finance

Research interests: Financial wellbeing, research that helps individuals to make better financial decisions.

Why do you think a positive research culture is important?

Many of us involved in teaching and admin find research endlessly procrastinateable. Therefore, without a proactive and supportive research culture and regular catalysts to stimulate research activity, it is easy for research careers to get side-lined. Perhaps this is partly because gratification from research is often delayed by months, or years, whereas there are ever-present work demands that appear to offer rapid and even instant gratification, although, in reality, their relevance is at best transitory and often insufficient to justify the many privileges that we enjoy.

What aspects of Research culture are most important to you?

The availability of research time, the presence of a network of experienced colleagues that one can call upon for advice and support, the ability to engage in research seminars, and attend international conferences without having to jump through an excessive amount of administrative and financial hoops.

Can you give an example of an action you have taken to improve research culture?

Trying to build networks within the university, both within and between faculties and to make relevant introductions. Supporting PhD students, and colleagues with their research activity, either by offering feedback or by making introductions.

What is something that you personally would like to do next to improve research culture?

Raising issues that make it harder to focus on research with senior management including via the Academic Council.