Research Culture Champions Network

From the Research Culture Awards initiative, first introduced in May 2020 by Professor Rachel Norman, Dean for Research Engagement and Performance, the Research Culture Champions Network has been established to share the good practice that is highlighted in the Research Culture Awards and look at ways to take on board the ideas that are appropriate for our own research teams.
The Research Culture Awards are part of the annual Festival of Research to recognise people and groups who actively contribute towards a positive research environment at the University of Stirling. Colleagues are nominated anonymously for outstanding contributions across various categories each year (research leadership, collaborator, support from professional services, mentor, early career researcher, activity dedicated to enhancing research culture and lastly research activity dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion). Importantly, nominees receive feedback from their nominations and are also invited to an awards ceremony to collectively celebrate endeavours.

Cognisant of the fact that we are not always good at saying thank you, especially for things that are difficult to measure, the Research Awards aims to encourage collaborative and supportive behaviour by celebrating staff members who demonstrate good role modelling across the career spectrum; increase the visibility of efforts and place value in often-hidden contribution; and to create a shared understanding of what we value at Stirling.

The Research Culture Champions Network is a community of people from across all faculties and career stages who have either been nominated regularly for the Research Culture awards or have been actively engaged in good work to support one another and promote a positive research culture.

These champions are role models and represent different aspects of our research culture, some are Professors who lead large research groups, some are working at Faculty or divisional level on research culture, some work closely with PGRs, and some are earlier in their career and therefore our Profs of the future.

Our Research Culture Champions