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Gendering recovery: women in research, policy and practice



Fotopoulou M & Malloch M (2018) Gendering recovery: women in research, policy and practice. Drugs, Alcohol, Women and Families, Manchester Metropolitan University, 23.05.2018-24.05.2018.

This presentation will explore the extent to which research has influenced policy and practice in relation to the experiences of gendered recovery at an international level. We will draw upon material from two countries, Scotland and Greece, in order to explore drug policy and practice. Scotland has experienced a turn from harm reduction towards recovery orientated approaches, at least at policy discourse level. On the other hand Greece, where harm reduction approaches were not historically prevalent, has seen the number of people on Opiate Substitution Treatment doubling since the beginning of the decade. However, a striking similarity between both countries is the lack of gendered perspectives in relation to recovery. We will consider Scotland, where there has been much attention to gender in the context of the justice system but less so in relation to recovery; and Greece, where there has been limited research in relation to both gender and recovery. Our discussion will consider the extent to which policy and practice is underpinned by evidence from research in these contexts, and the implications of this for the development of services and resources as they impact on the experiences of women affected by substance use.

gender; recovery; drug policy

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ConferenceDrugs, Alcohol, Women and Families
Conference locationManchester Metropolitan University

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Dr Maria Fotopoulou

Dr Maria Fotopoulou

Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

Professor Margaret Malloch

Professor Margaret Malloch

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology