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Research Report

Evaluation of the Implementation of Local Area Co-ordination in Scotland

Stalker KO, Malloch M, Barry MA & Watson JA (2007) Evaluation of the Implementation of Local Area Co-ordination in Scotland. Scottish Executive. Edinburgh: Scottish Executive.

Local area co-ordination (LAC) originated in Australia and was introduced to Scotland in the form of a recommendation in The same as you? report, following a national review of services to people with learning disabilities. With a strong, person centred value base, LAC is an innovative way to support individuals and families to build a 'good life' and to strengthen the capacity of communities to welcome and include disabled people. As part of its core funded programme for the Scottish Executive, the Social Work Research Centre at the University of Stirling was asked to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of local area coordination in Scotland. This 11 month study ran from October 2005 to August 2006.

AUSTRALIA; CAPACITY; Communities; community; DISABILITIES; Disability; EVALUATION; families; FAMILY; Implementation; INDIVIDUALS; Learning; Learning disabilities; learning disability; LIFE; local area co-ordination; PEOPLE; Research; review; Scotland; scottish; service; services; Social work; Stirling; support; universities; VALUE; work

Author(s)Stalker, Kirsten Ogilvie; Malloch, Margaret; Barry, Monica Anne; Watson, June Ann
Publication date31/03/2007
PublisherScottish Executive
Publisher URL
Place of publicationEdinburgh
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