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Scottish Government Call for Evidence: Women in the Justice System – a strategic approach



Morrison F, Malloch M & Friskney R Scottish Government Call for Evidence: Women in the Justice System – a strategic approach. NA. Edinburgh.

First paragraph: This response is from three academics with substantive research experience in areas of: domestic abuse; the criminal and civil justice system; and women and children’s rights. Our response draws on our collective research expertise. It also provides an overview of new and emerging findings from ongoing research with ASSIST and EDDACS on court advocacy services for women and children affected by domestic abuse in Scotland. This new research is part of CAFADA (Children and Families Affected by Domestic Abuse) a wider programme of research. CAFADA examines social care responses to children and parents affected by domestic abuse in Scotland and England. It explores innovations in social care relating to domestic abuse - how innovative services have developed, been implemented and their effectiveness. Our research is ongoing, but we base our submission below on emerging findings from an initial stage that includes interviews with practitioners who provide advocacy for women and child victims and witnesses of domestic abuse. Qualitative interviews were carried out with practitioners (n=9) during 2021. These interviews focused on the challenges posed by the pandemic for women and child victims of domestic abuse involved with the criminal justice system. We also refer to wider research, exploratory discussions, attendance at relevant webinars and engagement with relevant professionals.

FundersESRC Economic and Social Research Council
Place of publicationEdinburgh

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Professor Margaret Malloch

Professor Margaret Malloch

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