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Research Report

Evaluation of the Hamilton Youth Court Pilot 2003-2005 - Research Findings

Popham F, McIvor G, Brown A, Eley S, Malloch M, Murray C, Murray L, Piacentini L & Walters R (2005) Evaluation of the Hamilton Youth Court Pilot 2003-2005 - Research Findings. Crime and Criminal Justice Findings, 80. Scottish Executive Social Research.

A pilot Youth Court was introduced at Hamilton Sheriff Court in June 2003. It targeted alleged offenders aged 16 and 17 who were resident in areas of North or South Lanarkshire; had three separate incidents of offending resulting in a criminal charge in the previous six months or whose contextual background suggested a referral to the Youth Court would reduce the risk of re-offending and promote community safety; and were appearing summarily before Hamilton Sheriff Court. The main aim of the Youth Court was to reduce the frequency and seriousness of offending by 16 and 17 year olds through targeted and prompt disposals with judicial supervision and continuing social work involvement.

Author(s)Popham, Frank; McIvor, Gill; Brown, Alison; Eley, Susan; Malloch, Margaret; Murray, Cathy; Murray, Lorraine; Piacentini, Laura; Walters, Reece
Title of seriesCrime and Criminal Justice Findings
Number in series80
Publication date31/05/2005
PublisherScottish Executive Social Research
Publisher URL
ISBN9 780755 925674
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