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Research Report

Evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund: Research Findings

Mulholland C, Eunson J, Murray L, Bowen L, McIvor G, Malloch M, Whyte B, Kirkwood S & McNeill F (2016) Evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund: Research Findings. Scottish Government - Community Justice Services. Research Findings, 61/2016. Scottish Government.

This report presents the findings of an independent evaluation of the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund (RRCF). This was undertaken by Ipsos MORI Scotland between September 2013 and November 2015. The aim of the evaluation was to provide a comprehensive assessment of the extent to which the Public Social Partnership (PSP) model delivers effective mentoring services that reduce the risk of reoffending and support reintegration. The report concludes that mentoring is an effective approach which helps mentees to learn and implement constructive, non-criminal ways of addressing problems in their lives and to reduce risk factors associated with offending behaviour, and that there is a strong case for the continuation and expansion of mentoring services.

Mentoring; reducing reoffending; criminal justice

Author(s)Mulholland, Ciaran; Eunson, Jane; Murray, Lorraine; Bowen, Louise; McIvor, Gill; Malloch, Margaret; Whyte, Bill; Kirkwood, Steve; McNeill, Fergus
Title of seriesResearch Findings
Number in series61/2016
Publication date online12/02/2016
PublisherScottish Government
Publisher URL
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