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Research Report

Community Impact of Public Processions

Hamilton-Smith N, Malloch M, Ashe S, Rutherford AC & Bradford B (2015) Community Impact of Public Processions. Scottish Government. Social Research series: Crime and Justice. Scottish Government Social Research.

Research into the impact of public processions on community life in Scoltand.  The research paid particular attention to the impact of problematic processions, and how these processions could be better policed and managed.

Public processions; public protest; public parades; marches; policing public processions; sectarianism; public order policing

Author(s)Hamilton-Smith, Niall; Malloch, Margaret; Ashe, Stephen; Rutherford, Alasdair C; Bradford, Ben
FundersScottish Government
Title of seriesSocial Research series: Crime and Justice
Publication date20/02/2015
Publication date online20/02/2015
PublisherScottish Government Social Research
Publisher URL
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