'Holistic' Community Punishment and Criminal Justice Interventions for Women


Malloch M, McIvor G & Burgess C (2014) 'Holistic' Community Punishment and Criminal Justice Interventions for Women. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 53 (4), pp. 395-410.

Calls for ‘holistic' responses to halt the increasing imprisonment of women are continually reiterated. Solutions are sought which aim to be both ‘gender-responsive' and ‘community-based'; however, the absence of meaningful definitions of ‘community' and ‘holistic' means that superficial responses are often put in place in response to failures of the system. Taking as an example one attempt to introduce a community-based service for women in Scotland, this article examines the challenges of implementing services that are located within ‘the community' and considers the consequences for feasible attempts to reduce the number of women in prison in Scotland and internationally.

women; criminal justice; community punishment; holistic services

Howard Journal of Criminal Justice: Volume 53, Issue 4

Publication date30/09/2014
Publication date online05/2014
Date accepted by journal30/11/2013
PublisherWiley-Blackwell for The Howard League