Xylella Fastidiosa Active ContainmentThrough a multidisciplinary-Oriented Research Strategy

Funded by European Commission (Horizon 2020).

Transfer in from Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh

Total award value £21,275.30

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Dr Daniel Chapman

Dr Daniel Chapman

Senior Lecturer, BES

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Occhibove F, Chapman DS, Mastin AJ, Parnell SSR, Agstner B, Mato-Amboage R, Jones G, Dunn M, Pollard CRJ, Robinson JS, Marzano M, Davies AL, White RM, Fearne A & White SM (2020) Eco-epidemiological uncertainties of emerging plant diseases: the challenge of predicting Xylella fastidiosa dynamics in novel environments. Phytopathology, 110 (11), pp. 1740-1750.

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