Learning to adapt to an uncertain future: linking genes, trees, people and processes for more resilient treescapes

Funded by Natural Environment Research Council.

Collaboration with Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH).

This large project will look at resilience of UK trees to environmental change from interdisciplinary perspectives. WP1 [Lead: David Edwards] The past and other countries: learning from historical change in policy to inform future treescapes. WP2 [Lead: Chris Fremantle; Co-lead: Stephen Cavers] Understanding and interpreting change & uncertainty WP3 [Lead: Annika Perry; Co-lead: Glenn Marion] The state of nature: measuring the potential for change. WP4 [Lead: Stephen Cavers; Co-lead: Jenni Stockan] Running to stand still: finding adaptation in the field WP5 [Lead: Beth Purse; Co-lead: Daniel Chapman] Risk and the role of connectivity, composition and change. WP6 [Lead Adam Kleczkowski] Putting it all together: policy, economics and management for long-term resilience. Stirling involvement in WP5 will:

  1. Determine how new pest and disease (P&D) threats may arrive through dynamic trade networks.
  2. Predict resilience of tree species to pests and pathogens in different UK contexts.
  3. Determine the drivers of P&D occurrence across the UK treescape.

Total award value £100,921.60

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Dr Daniel Chapman

Dr Daniel Chapman

Senior Lecturer, BES

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