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Research fees and funding

Postgraduate research degree fees

If you’re interested in a postgraduate research course, you can find our approximate tuition fee rates for 2017/18 and 2018/19 below. Postgraduate fees are subject to change, so please check back regularly. 

Once you’re enrolled on a course, your tuition fees will be held at the same level upon entry. Your University of Stirling tuition fees won’t change over the course of your studies. Your tuition fees will always be due on the anniversary of your course start date.

  • PhD and MPhil courses degree fee rates (2018-2019)
      Home/European Union studentsOverseas students Study mode 
    Institute of Aquaculture £4,260 £18,640 Full time
    £2,130 £9,320 Part time
    Biological and Environmental Sciences £4,260 £16,420 Full time
    £2,130 £8,210 Part time
    Computing Science £4,260 £16,420 Full time
    £2,130 £8,210 Part time
    Other subjects and departments £4,260 £13,250 Full time
    £2,130 £6,625 Part time
    Registration-only fee
    (following normal period of full-time or part-time registration)
    £300 £300

    Studying a PhD

    If you’re studying a PhD full time, fees will be payable for your first three years. For subsequent years you’ll only pay an annual ‘enrolment-only’ fee. Part-time PhD fees are payable over six years – followed by an annual enrolment-only fee.

    Studying an MPhil

    If you’re studying an MPhil full-time, fees are payable for your first two years, followed by an annual enrolment-only fee. Part-time MPhil fees are payable over four years, followed by an annual enrolment-only fee.

    The cost of the enrolment-only fee is displayed in the table above.

  • Professional doctorates fee rates
     Home/ European Union students Overseas studentsHome/ European Union students Overseas students Notes
    Doctor of Nursing / Midwifery / Professional Health Studies (DN) (DM) (DPHS) £1,065 per module n/a £1,080 per module  n/a  NURPD1 to NURPD3
    £2,135 n/a £2,170  n/a  NURPD4
    £9,440 n/a £9,580  n/a  Doctoral thesis NURPD5
    £1,755 n/a £1,780  n/a  Masters dissertation NURPM1
    £14,770 n/a £14,990  n/a  Full programme
    Doctor of Applied Social Research (D.A.S.R.) £13,465 £37,100 £13,670  £38,030 

    Full programme over (3 to 8 years)

    For modular fees please see Master in Applied Social Science fee

    Doctor of Diplomacy



    £49,990  £49,990 

    Full programme


    £5,726 £5,810  £5,810  module fee (6 undertaken)


    £16,645 £16,900  £16,900  Thesis fee
    Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    £33,195 £60,860 £33,860  £50,250  Full Programme
    £14,500 £17,500 £14,800  £18,500  Year 1 - (MBA fee)
    £14,500 £17,500 £14,800  £18,500  Year 2 - (MBA fee)
    £4,195 £12,930 £4,260  £13,250  Year 3 - Home/EU fee, Overseas PhD fee
    £4,195 £12,930 £4,260  £13,250  Year 4 (if required) - Home/EU fee, Overseas PhD fee
    Doctorate in Education 



    £820  £2,285  20 credit modules



    £2,470  £6,845  60 credit modules



    £6,280  £17,475  Thesis (360 credits)

    PhD Tesol (Research)


    £38,910  £14,820  £41,650 

    Programme fee (if student completes within 3 year minimum)


    £13,050  £6,300  £15,250 

    Year 1 - 180cr taught element


    £12,930 £4,260  £13,250 

    Year 2 - Home/EU fee, Overseas PhD fee


    £12,930 £4,260  £13,150  Year 3 - Home/EU fee, Overseas PhD 

Funding opportunities

You may want to think about options for funding your PhD and any associated living costs while you study. Below are some examples of the kinds of PhD studentship packages that are available. Our supervisors and support staff can help you develop and refine your proposal to match your chosen funding call.

Research Council Studentships

Are you a UK resident? The UK Research Councils offer a range of studentship awards which cover tuition fees and associated living costs for 3 to 4 years.

If you’re an EU resident you can also apply for Research Council awards, but usually you will be eligible for awards covering tuition fees only and not associated living costs. 

To find out if your research course is eligible for funding, contact the Research Council relevant to your chosen course:

Teaching assistantships

Some of our faculties offer teaching assistantships for research students, in return for undertaking part-time teaching duties.

If you take up this opportunity, you’ll receive a stipend to support you in your studies, and the amount of teaching will not normally exceed six hours per week. To find out more, you should contact your Faculty.

Employer sponsorship

If your degree is directly relevant to your work, you should think about speaking with your employer. They may give you paid leave for study, or even pay for part of your tuition fees and associated costs. 

Graduate admissions

If you have any questions about postgraduate study please contact us.

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