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University of Stirling


Professor Kate Hunt


Institute for Social Marketing University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Professor Kate Hunt

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Quested E, Kwasnicka D, Thøgersen-Ntoumani C, Gucciardi DF, Kerr DA, Hunt K, Robinson S, Morgan PJ, Newton R, Gray C, Wyke S & Ntoumanis N (2018) Protocol for a gender-sensitised weight loss and healthy living programme for overweight and obese men delivered in Australian Football League settings (Aussie-FIT): A feasibility and pilot randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, 8 (10), Art. No.: e022663.


Sharp P, Bottorff JL, Hunt K, Oliffe JL, Johnson ST, Dudley L & Caperchione CM (2018) Men's perspectives of a gender-sensitized health promotion program targeting healthy eating, active living, and social connectedness (Forthcoming/Available Online). American Journal of Men's Health.


Gray CM, Wyke S, Zhang R, Anderson AS, Barry S, Brennan G, Briggs A, Boyer N, Bunn C, Donnachie C, Grieve E, Kohli-Lynch C, Lloyd S, McConnachie A & Hunt K (2018) Long-term weight loss following a randomised controlled trial of a weight management programme for men delivered through professional football clubs: the Football Fans in Training follow-up study. Public Health Research, 6 (9).


Gray CM, Wyke S, Zhang R, Anderson AS, Barry S, Boyer N, Brennan G, Briggs A, Bunn C, Donnachie C, Grieve E, Kohli-Lynch C, Lloyd SM, McConnachie A, McCowan C, MacLean A, Mutrie N & Hunt K (2018)
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 15 (1), Art. No.: 60.

Research Report

Craig P, Di Ruggiero E, Frolich KL, Mykhalovskiy E, White M, Campbell R, Cummins S, Edwards N, Hunt K, Kee F, Loppie C, Moore L, Ogilvie D, Petticrew M & Poland B (2018) Taking account of context in population health intervention research: guidance for producers, users and funders of research. National Institute for Health Research.;

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