The legacy of the Right to Buy and the differentiation of older home owners



McCall V, Satsangi M & Greasley-Adams C (2020) The legacy of the Right to Buy and the differentiation of older home owners. Social Policy and Society, 19 (2), pp. 225-241.

This paper explores older owner occupiers in lower value properties who, having acquired their home through the Right to Buy (RTB) in the 1980s, are now experiencing housing-related challenges in older age. This paper outlines the views and perceptions of older owner occupiers, social landlords, voluntary groups and housing organisations to explore the legacy of the RTB. Current and future policy challenges in the area include the differentiation of home owners, difficulties of selling property with low equity in older age and the relationship between health and housing. This paper calls to widen the analysis of the long-term impact of the RTB to owner occupiers in lower value properties and notes that ‘ageing in place’ goes beyond looking at people’s current house to the linked housing choices available to them. We recommend that policy support be extended to older home owners to increase housing choice in older age.

Right to buy; ageing population; housing choice; housing policy; owner occupiers

Social Policy and Society: Volume 19, Issue 2

FundersStirling Council
Publication date30/04/2020
Publication date online05/11/2019
Date accepted by journal12/07/2019

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Professor Vikki McCall

Professor Vikki McCall

Professor of Social Policy, Housing Studies