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The economic and social benefits of housing support



McCall V & Gibbs K (2023) The economic and social benefits of housing support. The Housing Evidence Centre (CaCHE).

Research commissioned by the Housing Support Enabling Unit (HSEU), Scottish Federation of Housing Authorities (SFHA), Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities (SCLD), Hanover Scotland, and Blackwood Homes and Care. The commissioning partners of this research are key stakeholders in the housing support sector in Scotland. Sharing the common goal of building a case for more significant investment in housing support, the partners are familiar with practice-based evidence supporting housing support models as useful preventative tools with broad economic and social benefits. This research has been motivated by the understanding that housing support is pivotal in supporting people but its benefits are not always well-understood. Amidst growing financial pressures, the commissioning partners feel that it is key that the economic and social benefits of housing support can be demonstrated to encourage further investment in services. The commissioning partners have acted as a steering group for the researchers, using their practical expertise to facilitate discussions with housing support providers and commissioners. The research partners, HSEU, SFHA, SCLD, Hanover Scotland, and Blackwood Homes and Care, are eager that the report is used as a basis for further discussion about the economic and social benefits of Housing Support. The partners are keen to continue engagement with commissioners, funders, and providers of Housing Support, so please share with your networks and get in touch with any feedback or ideas.

FundersCaCHE UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence
Publication date04/05/2023
Publication date online04/05/2023
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Professor Vikki McCall

Professor Vikki McCall

Professor of Social Policy, Housing Studies